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    The Extra Room

    Bette stood in the middle of the living in the apartment Tina resided in 1300 miles away from her in Vancouver. She surveyed her surroundings and still thought it was exquisite. She loved the large windows and spacious design. It was oddly familiar from the last time she was here. She didn’t remember much from that interaction except halfway fucking Tina in the exact spot she stood in now and then bolting out of the door when she became overwhelmed by her emotions. She still couldn’t believe she left the blonde standing there half naked and unsatisfied.

    Bette shook her head and ran her fingers through her hair and put her hands on her hips. This was not going to be easy. What the fuck was I thinking, she thought. She took a deep breath hoping to calm her nerves.

    Tina stood at the door holding on to Bette’s suitcase watching her intently. It seemed like forever but it was only a few seconds. Bette was turned away from her but she could tell by how the brunette was holding her shoulders and slowly looking around that she was thinking about whether she should stay or not. Tina wanted to wrap her arms around Bette from behind and hug her tightly like she’d done thousands of times before but it was not about what she wanted. It was about giving Bette the time and space she requested. It was about honoring Bette’s feelings. Tina waited until she saw Bette’s shoulders rise and fall. She knew then Bette had decided to stay. Relief swept through her body.

    Tina cleared her throat interrupting Bette’s thoughts.

    “I’m just gonna put your suitcase in the extra room,” Tina said.

    ‘Extra room’ Bette heard Tina say again. Finally registering her choice of words. She looked over her shoulder and nodded as Tina walked by rolling her luggage into the bedroom. Bette’s eyes darted around again as she ran her fingers through her hair…again.

    Tina put the suitcase on the bench at the foot of the bed. She allowed her fingers to glide across its edge. Very familiar with the feel of it. She’d packed this very same suitcase dozens of time for Bette when she had business trips and for herself when they went on vacation. Tina actually bought Bette this set of luggage for her birthday a few years back after the airline damaged her previous ones on their journey back from India.

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    1. Bette is too upset to eat even though there is plenty of food for both of them. This is going to be hard on both of them. Bette needs to at least be gracious enough to join her in her meals when she is at the apartment. Then relax and do the normal things she came on the trip for – work on the exhibit and get things done. Both Bette and Tina are now in the over-thinking phase. Just let things go…. deal with what is for a day or so. Concentrate on a “no drama stay”. Talk when you are ready….

      Thanks for the chapter…

    2. Tina is in a sexual frenzy. Get a grip woman. Bette is so hurt she can’t even eat dinner. Oh yes, Kiki and Alice this is a great plan! Not often that I read and shake my head at the same time. What to do? What to do? Really like this story.

    3. What a mess they are both in, so many feelings that Bette couldn’t even eat.

      I really hope they can work it out and Alice’s and Kiki’s plan work but i have a feeling it will backfire.

      Looking forward to read more!

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