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    Out of Closet (TiBette time-travel romance), Ch. 68, Finale part 3

    Tina went to answer the door and there was Alice, with her hand raised in the air in the middle of her knocking. “What took you so long? I’ve been banging on your door for fifteen minutes.”

    She walked inside and Tina followed her as she shook her head with a soft laughter, “You did not and you know it.”

    Alice went straight to the kitchen and opened the fridge, “I need a drink…do you have some vodka?”

    “Wine?” Tina asked as she watched Alice rummaging through their fridge.

    Alice closed the fridge door and sighed, “Ok…but I need a lot.”

    “Come to the living room. We just opened a bottle.”

    Alice grabbed an empty glass and joined Bette on the sofa with a nod. Bette poured wine in Alice’s glass and added more to her and Tina’s. Alice took a big gulp and exhaled loudly, “Oh what a week I had.”

    Bette looked at Tina first and then asked, “Please, do tell.”

    “First of all, I got here straight from the airport. I haven’t talked to Dana and Shane yet.” Alice took another swig of wine and refilled her glass. “We might be in big trouble. As I told you on the phone, they know pretty much everything, thanks to Helena fucking Peabody…they just don’t know the time and day. During his presentation professor Kroll said that they could narrow the place out by the electro-magnetic field radius and its strength, in addition to some evidence from his research assistant and those FBI/ATF interrogation we discussed before. They pin-pointed almost the exact spot where the energy was the strongest at certain times but he is pretty sure it’s been depleted and that’s why he, as am I, came to the conclusion that the portal is about to close itself forever.”

    Tina and Bette looked at each other and then back at Alice. Tina took a deep breath and asked, “What do they plan to do and what does it mean for us?”

    Alice shrugged, “He didn’t disclose his exact plans but there were a few theories thrown around, including conducting an experiment by setting up equipment all around the perimeter of the area, machines that can read the terrain, the electro-magnetic waves, the energy sources, etc. I don’t want to bore with all the scientific mambo-jumbo but as soon as he gets more funds, his whole team is moving into the area.”


    1. Wow, this is drama. Getting intense. I need to reread some of the last chapters to get caught up….. I remember that i truly do love this type story – Time Travel. It just fascinates me.

      Thanks for the chapter. Hope you can get another one in soon. I want to read more of this…..

      Great story…. More please and soon too.

    2. Welcome back.
      You are such a tease using the word ‘Finale’ then giving it innumerable parts !! I have a nightmare of many years hence waiting for ‘Part 50’ !!!
      Seriously I love this story and have read it from start to this point more than once so please, please, post again soon.

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