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    Out of Closet (TiBette time-travel romance), Ch. 68, Finale part 4A

    Out of Closet (TiBette time-travel romance), Ch. 68, Finale part 4A
    Chapter: Last curtain – The End is Near

    Place: Los Angeles, CA
    Time: early October

    July ended and August was like a blur to Bette and Tina. They both kept working in their respective fields and the time just flew by. September came and went and one night Alice knocked on their door. Tina opened and Alice waltzed right in with no hesitation, looking worried and jittery. She carefully placed a grocery bag on the counter and Bette asked, looking through the contents, “What is this?”

    “I thought we should stay here, have a girl’s night in and drink margaritas,” Alice replied cheerfully, as she began pulling the ingredients out of the bags. “I call it Margaritas All Night Long Y’all.”

    Tina squinted, “Al, if you abbreviate, it stands for MANLY.”

    “Hmm…” Alice thought for a moment. “How about Wonderfully Outstanding Margaritas All Night Long Y’all.”

    “WOMANLY,’ Tina nodded and laughed. “Oh Alice. What would we do without you?”

    “Let’s hope we’ll never find out.”

    “What’s the occasion?” Bette smiled as she helped Alice to get the groceries out on the counter and rummaged through the items.

    “No occasion,” Alice shrugged. “I just felt like drinking. Nothing is happening, nobody is coming to see me about certain events, no cops or G-men knocking on anyone’s door and it’s driving me crazy. It’s like a suspense movie where scary music is playing but nothing is happening, so you expect some creepy clown to jump at you at any moment and it keeps me on the edge of my seat. I hate that feeling.”

    “ I totally get it, “ Bette nodded. She placed the Silver Tequila bottle on the counter and took a couple of limes out of the fridge. “Things have been quiet at work. Not even Candace around to bother me. It’s unnerving. ”

    “Tina, how’s your work been? Is Helena around much?” Alice asked as she got the Margarita glasses from the cupboard. “Where’s your shaker?”

    “It’s on the bottom shelf,” Tina pointed. “And yes, work has been the same so far. I’m working on the scripts for the second series and Helena hasn’t been around at all. Before, she was there several times a week, just to intimidate me.” Tina frowned. “That is weird.”

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    1. Thank you for the chapter!

      We don’t have much of Helena and Candace in this chapter, and i guess it’s not a bad thing.

      I’m also with Bette and Tina and want to know what the third option :)

      Waiting for the next.

    2. This is not looking good for Bette and Tina. It looks like someone has been paid off to get the FBI involved. They are not going to buy into some time travel story or UFOs or visiting aliens no matter who is swearing its true. As the long ago character Joe Friday use to say “Just the facts please”.

      Option 3 – Get Helena over just for the portal to open and shove her in. Hopefully it will close and never open again.
      There is no evidence a portal exist. To the average person, it seems like a fairy tale. To true law enforcement who are doing their jobs, it will as well.
      Excellent story…. let’s see how this turns out… write when you can. Thanks for the update

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