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    Pieces Of Time – Chapter XV

    [Chapter 15]


    “Are you feeling alright to come to breakfast?” I chuckle looking at the body that is barely sitting up.

    Rachel sits there with her knees to her chest and her head resting upon them.

    “Would it be ok if I possibly take a shower and meet you guys there after?”

    I smile looking at the hungover body that sits in the bed.

    I nod. “Of course.”

    “Save me some toast?” She asks as I stand to my feet.

    “Sure.” I smile and then leave the room.

    I make my way up the hall and into the lobby where everyone awaits me.

    “Mommy!” I hear the voice of Cole running towards me.

    “My man!” I lift him into my arms for a quick second before placing him back down onto his feet.

    “Baby sis.” Kit says stepping towards me. “About time.”

    “Rachel also isn’t feeling the best, so she won’t be joining us.” I say aloud.

    “So it looks like everyone is ready to eat.” Helena says stepping in front of us.


    Within minutes our table is surrounded by food, and our bellies are starting to become full. I sit beside Kit and an empty chair that awaits for Rachel, across from me is Tina and Danielle.

    I look around the room waiting for Rachel to enter.

    “Is Rachel suppose to be showing up?” I turn my head to look at Shane.

    “She said she was going to join us after.”

    I watch as Shane nods her head.

    “So, how was last night?” I ask.

    ”So how did last night go? I haven’t gotten the chance to ask Rachel.”

    ”Yeah, it went great. Fun night.” Shane says glancing at me before looking back down at her meal. ”I’m gonna go outside.” Shane says pushing out her chair.

    ”Do you want some company?” I ask.

    ”Nah, you stay and wait for Rachel.”

    I nod and watch as she leaves.

    ”Is she ok?” I ask looking at Tina.

    ”I have no idea.”

    ”She was pretty drunk last night, me, Alice, and Tosha didn’t see much of her the entire night, her and Rachel to be exact.” Danielle cuts in.

    ”Shane told me they were taking shots at the bar the whole night.” Alice says.

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    1. Bibi28 says

      I am very excited that you found time to update this incredible story.

      So Daniëlle made her decision and took off without saying goodby, she is such a coward. She didn’t deserve Tina, but i feel sorry for her.

      How will Tina react as Bette stop with caring for her, it didn’t sound very nice.

      Rachel and Shane must confess to Bette what happened, the truth will come out , it always does and she will be devastated.

      I am still hopeful that Bette and Tina will reconcile.

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