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    Pieces of Time, Chapter XII

    [Chapter 12]

    “You’ve given me chances when I never even deserved them, T.”

    “You deserved them, you did. It went both ways, Bette.”

    I nod. “Well, I was just checking in on you. I knew you had to come to work today and she’d be here.”

    “I did have to tell her to give me time.”

    “I hope you make your decision from your heart and not just your mind. And if she betrays your trust again, you won’t be the only mad one. I’m really sorry I lied to you, I thought I was doing the right thing. I should have known you’d trust me to give you an honest answer.”

    “Has time improved your kind-caring speeches?” She chuckles with a smile.

    “Maybe it has.” I chuckle back. “If I don’t see you tonight, I’ll be seeing you on Saturday to pick the kids up.”

    She nods. “For sure.”

    I turn and make my way out of her office. As I walk away I hear my name being called. I turn to see Danielle approaching me.

    “Hey Bette.”

    “Hey.” I respond.

    “Whatcha doing here?”

    “I was checking in on Tina.”

    “Has she said anything about me?”

    “You’ll find out whenever she decides to talk to you.”

    “You still aren’t upset about our little argument are you?”

    “We had an argument and it’s over. I’m not going to bring it back to light, I’m going to believe half of your harsh words were mostly because of liquor. I tried to convince Tina to give you a second chance, so I’m not here trying to get her to forget you. I’m doing the complete opposite.”
    “But why?”

    “Because I know that I use to make her happy and I see the way you make her smile. Makes me believe that you really do make her happy. It hurts me to think that you could possibly make her more happy but that is all I want for her. I want to see her happy again.”

    “Never knew you felt that way.”

    “Not all exes try to get revenge on the next person that comes into their past relationship. Some actually want happiness for the one they use to love.”

    Danielle stands there and nods her head.

    “So, please don’t betray her again and try to start something with me.” I pause. “I hate to see her upset.”

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    1. Dainty says

      As I said early on that danielle is not to be trusted. What kind of fool is she thinking Tina will give up a career that she has been working on for several years and that she is happy with. Also agree with everyone else, she is just trying to get Tina away from Bette, knowing full well that she could never earn enough money to make up for the loss of Tina’s executive salary. The woman is a damned fool. And her question to Bette, “whatcha doing here” proves that point. Bette should have told her it is none of her business, and kept walking. Very surprised that Bette even talked to her. Tina should not even consider that request to move at all, she has way too much to lose. Besides which, she still is not sure how she feels about Danielle. What Tina has not really felt well about her is that she does not “trust” her. One just doesn’t move away from everyone and everything familiar and her career just to satisfy the whims of a fool. I can just imagine what Bette says about this. Hope Tina realizes this move is not for her or her children. If this fool is really trying to improve herself then she should walk away and go on to SD and find someone else. That request from her is just really stupid .

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