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    Pieces of Time, Chapter XIII

    [Chapter 13]

    “I love her but not like I love my children. They have a home here, there other mother is here. I can’t just put them further away from her. Plus, Bette would never have it.”

    “Does it seem like she wants to take this offer?” Shane asks me whiling sitting on the sofa in my office.

    “She had every right to sound excited but she shouldn’t expect me to make a decision like this.”

    “Maybe her excitement clouded her mind and she got overwhelmed.”

    “I don’t want her to leave.”

    “Then tell her.”

    “I can’t just get her to give up this opportunity.”

    “I know long distance relationships can be hard, but have you thought about it?”

    “I barely have enough time for myself with the kids and work. I can’t be making trips to San Diego every 2 to 3 weeks.”

    “I know what you mean, T.” Shane says. “Well if she really doesn’t want to leave you, she’ll figure it out or she just won’t take this offer.”

    “Then I’ll feel like the biggest asshole ever.”

    “Don’t beat yourself up over this. This is her decision to make, Tina.” Shane pauses. “But you have to tell Bette. She needs to know about this.”

    “I know I do.”

    “I must head back. I’ll see you after.” Shane says standing. “But don’t forget what I told you, do not beat yourself up for this. It is her decision.”

    I nod as I watch her close my door behind her.


    I sit with my thoughts as I try to work at the same time.

    So many thoughts enter and leave my mind that I feel too overwhelmed.

    My head lifts when the door opens.

    “Danielle.” I say.

    “I’m back.” She smiles.

    “Yeah, hey.”

    I watch as she approaches closer to me.

    “I just need to know a few things.” I say looking at her.

    “Of course.” She nods.

    “If you take this offer, when does it start?”

    “It’ll start a couple weeks after we get back from the trip.”

    I nod while shaking my head. “You know I can’t come with you.”

    “Aren’t there other options?”

    “I can’t do the whole long distance relationship. They never work. I never have time. I have kids and a job right here in LA.”

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    1. Bibi28 says

      You can’t help it who you really love. And i don’t like Kit being so harsh to Bette, she should support her.

      Bette trying to stay away from Tina, good luck with it. And what will be her reaction when she hears about the job opportunity from Danielle and that she asked Tina to move with her.

      Yes, there will be big drama, but we know that B&T will find each other again at the end.

      Thanks for,making the time to update!

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