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    Pieces of Time – Chapter XVII

    [Chapter 17]

    ”Hey Bette!” Shane says. ”We can’t seem to agree on the same football team. The other night before we went to the club the main entrance bar was playing the game. And we started conversation about sports and she told me she doesn’t like the the Dallas Cowboys.” Shane says stretching her neck before taking a sip of her beer.

    “I don’t talk sports, so you guys are left to fend for yourselves.” I chuckle.

    Rachel grabs my hand and walks away with me.

    ”Are you back for good now?”

    ”I’m sorry. I really am, I just noticed how stupid she was acting and our children are right over there. I did not want them witnessing it so I hide her from their sight.”

    ”It’s ok, I understand I do.”

    ”You sure?”

    ”Yes I’m sure.”

    I smile. 

    I search around the place with my eyes to glance at Tina.

    I notice her sitting with Kit.

    ”Wanna join everyone else?”

    ”That sounds great.”

    I lead her over towards Kit and Tina. 

    ”Does anyone know when Tasha is gonna pop the question?” Kit asks.

    ”I feel it’ll be when the fireworks start.” Rachel says.

    I glance at Tina and catch her eyes also looking at me.

    ”When is the firework show?” I ask.

    I watch as Kit checks for the time. 

    ”Tasha said around 9. It is 9 now, so it shouldn’t be too much longer.”

    At that moment we hear the clicking of glass and we all turn towards the sound to see Alice standing onto a chair.

    ”If I could get everyones attention!”

    We all smile and release a chuckle.

    ”No laughing guys. I’ve decided to make a toast! A toast to this trip! A toast to us all being together!”

    ”Don’t forget Peggy, thanks to Peggy our children are well taken care of!” I shout out with a smile and chuckle.

    ”Yes to the one and only Peggy, thank you for your patience!”

    ”I love the children, they make me move around more! Well, I try my best!” Peggy cuts in laughing.

    ”I’m so glad everyone was able to make it on this trip and for that reason, everyone lift there glasses and drink to many more days together here!!” Alice shouts before sipping on her drink.

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        • Bibi28 says

          Hey Tory, you changed your name!?

          I appreciate your hard work on this chapter! You did very well.

          Does this mean that there is finally a change for my couple to get back together?

          Bette did cheat but Come on is it really cheating when it is the love of your life?

          Rachel cheated as first, and we already knew she wouldn’t last.

          So let Bette say good bye to her and get back together with Tina.

          Thanks again for a great story!

          Don’t wait to long for writing a new chapter! Please 🙏

          • Tory says

            Yes I did! Lots of things have changed actually, been shy and scared to announce this but i feel like it has never changed the way I feel about my Tibette writing! I’m transgender, I’ve been scared because I wasn’t sure if this website was just for lesbians? So it scared me because I love writing and didn’t want to get judged? Can’t really find the words. But I hope whoever sees this doesn’t mind that I’m still here? ..*covering eyes with hands* lol. It is the reason I’ve been so behind on writing and life. I hate to have fallen out of my writing but I’m coming back! Hopefully nothing else tends to slow me down from writing!!

            • Bibi28 says

              Hi Tory,

              Wow, that is quite some news! I am so happy and proud of you that you came out of your shell and i really hope that this will bring you more inner peace!

              I don’t think you will be judged here on this site. I truly hope and think this means for all of us, so it shouldn’t matter of you are bi-curious, lesbian or transgender.

              Let me give you a hug 👐 and big 👏 and 💋

            • Jane says

              I don’t care if you are transgender, translucent or trans american. To me it’s always substance over style. You are a very good writer with❤️ Please keep up the good work and this story. Am really emjoying it and tx for contributing it here.

    1. SassyGran says

      Confused originally with change of name but now just totally delighted to have you back writing this great story.
      I have re-read from the start and enjoyed again all the emotions, including my annoyance with Kit interfering!
      So glad Tibette back again, please make them stay together to sort this out not apart.
      Really glad you’re back :-) PPS

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