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    Pieces of Time – Chapter XVIII

    “That was not my fault, I was going to tell her. I just wanted to know where we stood. Like I want to know now.”

    “I don’t know where we stand but I cannot stand here on this vacation and make eye contact with that woman, Bette.”

    “It isn’t your right to tell her.” I hear her voice begin to uprise with frustration. 

    “Isn’t it? I’m the one who slept with the woman she is dating?? How isn’t this my right?”

    “So you want to ruin this whole vacation?” She asks me.

    I’m brought to silence realizing how this would ruin the vacation.

    “We don’t need to bring our drama to this vacation and ruin it for everyone else.” She says again. “I wanted to bring you here to tell you that I want to know how to work this out. I want to know what the next step for us is?”

    “I cannot answer that because I truly don’t know.”

    “This keeps happening to us. Every single time we separate, something brings us right back into this position.”

    “Maybe we are just dumb.” I say.

    “This isn’t us being dumb. This should wake us up. Instead of ending things when we argue or we are unhappy we should fight through it, Tina. Take a little break instead of tearing everything apart.”

    Her words dig deep into my heart.

    “Maybe we need to fight harder to be apart.” I say.

    “You know that wouldn’t work.”

    “Why exactly?”

    “Because no matter who you put between us or how far apart you separate us. I know one hundred percent we will end up right here.”

    “I don’t know where this bring us, Bette. I don’t know what I want.”

    “I can’t carry myself around you without wanting to just hold your hand or be next to you, T.”

    A tear then begins to fall from my eye. I feel her body move close to mine and wipe that tear away with her thumb but keeping her hand resting on my face.

    “Please tell me you feel no regret with what happened..” She asks me in a nervous tone.

    I break from her gentle grasp and turn away from her.

    I wipe my eyes and refuse to answer.

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    1. Welcome back Tory:

      This is amazing, seeing writers coming back some with new stories others like you to finish them, feels wonderful.

      I’m sorry all the ordeal you have gone through, but I’m glad you’re back.

      Thanks for this chapter, short but very nice. Please post soon.


    2. So good to see you back to continue this Story.

      Sorry life has not been kind to you and hope writing will be a comfort to you.

      Selfishly I just hope to see another much longer post from you very very soon:-)


    3. Hi Tory,

      Welcome back!!!

      It is so good to see you back! I am sorry to hear your life had so many up and downs.

      I wish for you that life will move up from now on and take time to enjoy and relax!

      As for the story, i am happy you will finish it.

      Bette made a great comment about how they have to go through the hard times and work it out instead of walking away.

      Communication always was a problem for them and Tina walked away before answering Bette’s question. I hope she comes back and they have a honest conversation. It is clearly that they have so much love for each other.

      I look forward to the next chapter!

    4. Tory, Glad to see you back. and no matter how long it takes you will finish .. I left for a while for the same reasons. It gets better and easier I promise. Take your time and post at your pace, we will be here. And I said the same thing when I finished my story I will not post until my next story is completely finished. thank you and happy writing.

      • Hey!! Thanks so much! Yeah life tends to get in the way sometimes from the things we love to do but i’m back! Going to try my hardest to not leave again! I’ve got a new story started called Innocence! I posted the first chapter to give everyone a feel of what i’m going to be writing about!! I hope you get the chance to check it out!

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