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    Pieces of Time – Chapter XVIII

    “I’m going back to bed.” I say before leaving and walking back into the building slowly.


    My eyes open to the sun light sneaking its way through the cracks of the curtains. I turn to see Rachel still sleeping next to me.

    My thoughts travel back to Tina as last nights interaction didn’t go as I wanted.

    I think back to her leaving in silence to my question and I feel my heart sink.

    I feel terrible lying to Rachel and having Tina carry around her guilt.

    I lift myself out of the bed quietly and slip into the washroom. I lean over the sink and stare at my reflection through the mirror.

    I turn the tap to cold and begin to slightly splash water over my face.

    “Bette!” I hear her call my name.

    “Be right there.” I respond back.

    “You should come now!”

    I quickly open the door after hearing this and see her holding my phone to her ear and walking towards me.

    “It is Kit. Apparently Cole fainted!”

    “What?? Where are they??” I say quickly pulling on some clothes.

    “They are on the beach.” She says to me. “We’ll be right there.” She says hanging up the phone.

    We make our way out of our room and into the main lobby and through the doors in a rush.

    I rush to the beach entrance and quickly notice life guards and first responders surrounding my son including Kit and Shane.

    I make my way through the crowd to see Tina laying on the ground with Cole’s unconscious body in her laps.

    “Tina.” I say in a panic. “He is ok??” I drop to my knees beside them.

    “They just told me they think it is from the heat. They said he’ll wake any second now. I was told for him to drink lots of water when he wakes.”

    “Jesus, I was scared to death.” I take a breather.

    “We where just running around and playing tag.” Shane says walking closer towards us.

    “Its okay, I think he got too beat out and hasn’t been drinking much water because of all the excitement.” I say.

    I move closer towards Tina to the point where I am holding her and our son in my arms.

    “Where is Angelica?” I ask.

    “With Helena and her kids at the pool.”

    We start to feel Cole’s head moving and his eyes open slowly.

    “He is starting to wake.” I turn and look at the first responders waiting close by.

    A tall woman steps towards us and kneels down by Cole.

    “Hey little guy. How are you feeling?” She asks while checking his vitals.

    “What happened?” He asks in a low voice.

    “You fainted my little man. But you are going be just fine.” Tina says running her fingers through his hair.

    “And this lady is here to check up on you like when we go to the doctor.” I smile at him.

    “So how are you feeling?” Tina asks him.

    “I’m feeling better.” He tries to sit up.

    Our bodies panic and we all speak at once warning him to get up slowly.

    “Take your time baby.” I say.

    “Here take this Cole.” Rachel kneels down and passes him a bottle of water.

    “Thanks.” I say looking at her. “You need to drink lots of water for the remaining of the day ok?” I say to him as he nods and takes a big sip holding the bottle with his two tiny hands.

    “Thank god.” Tina says.

    I move closer to her and look into her eyes. “Everything is ok now. This is his first vacation and he has been so excited since day one.” I pull her close with one arm and kiss the side of her head.


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    1. Welcome back Tory:

      This is amazing, seeing writers coming back some with new stories others like you to finish them, feels wonderful.

      I’m sorry all the ordeal you have gone through, but I’m glad you’re back.

      Thanks for this chapter, short but very nice. Please post soon.


    2. So good to see you back to continue this Story.

      Sorry life has not been kind to you and hope writing will be a comfort to you.

      Selfishly I just hope to see another much longer post from you very very soon:-)


    3. Hi Tory,

      Welcome back!!!

      It is so good to see you back! I am sorry to hear your life had so many up and downs.

      I wish for you that life will move up from now on and take time to enjoy and relax!

      As for the story, i am happy you will finish it.

      Bette made a great comment about how they have to go through the hard times and work it out instead of walking away.

      Communication always was a problem for them and Tina walked away before answering Bette’s question. I hope she comes back and they have a honest conversation. It is clearly that they have so much love for each other.

      I look forward to the next chapter!

    4. Tory, Glad to see you back. and no matter how long it takes you will finish .. I left for a while for the same reasons. It gets better and easier I promise. Take your time and post at your pace, we will be here. And I said the same thing when I finished my story I will not post until my next story is completely finished. thank you and happy writing.

      • Hey!! Thanks so much! Yeah life tends to get in the way sometimes from the things we love to do but i’m back! Going to try my hardest to not leave again! I’ve got a new story started called Innocence! I posted the first chapter to give everyone a feel of what i’m going to be writing about!! I hope you get the chance to check it out!

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