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    Music Is My Savior

    Your little hands wrapped around my finger

    And it’s so quiet in the world tonight

    Your little eyelids flutter ‘cause you’re dreaming

    So I tuck you in and turn on your favorite nightlight

    To you, everything’s funny

    You got nothing to regret

    I’d give all I have honey

    If you could stay like that

    Bette sat in silence on the edge of Angie’s bed, a hand gently grasping one of her daughter’s as she slowly stroked the baby soft skin with her thumb. The room was dark save for the steak of light that came in from the hallway, bathing Angie’s quilt covered legs in a golden color.

    “How’s she doing?”

    Bette looked up at the sound of the soft voice and met her wife’s concerned gaze. Tina stood in the doorway, the hallway light surrounding her body in a way that made her glow. She waited patiently for her wife’s response.

    Bette flashed a reassuring smile, her eyes going back to rest on her daughter’s sleeping form. Angie slept on her stomach, her innocent face turned toward her mother as she snored softly. Bette had been sitting on the bed beside the six year old as she held one of Angie’s small hands in her own, her thumb stroking over the baby soft skin.

    “Better now, I think” Bette whispered as she watched the way Angie’s back slowly rose and fell with each breath she took, seeming completely at peace. “It was just a nightmare”

    “Thank God” Tina breathed as she quietly entered the room to stand in front of Angie’s bed. “I haven’t seen her that scared since ..”

    She trailed off, not wanting to finish her sentence. That horrible night had been permanently ingrained in her thoughts but Tina refused to verbally bring it to light. Nevertheless, Bette knew what she had been referring to and nodded her head, dread settling in the pit of her stomach. She would never forget that night either.

    “Neither have I” Bette sighed, her thumb still stroking the back of Angie’s hand. “I guess we were kind of lucky in that aspect. Aside from not wanting to be separate from us, she seems relatively unscarred by the ordeal”

    Tina crossed her arms and nodded as she recalled the months after the night that Kevin had kidnapped Angie, swallowing the lump that had formed in her throat. “She was pretty small to really understand what was going on. I’ll be surprised if in a few years she remembers anything that happened that night at all”

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    1. Great story of a future look at life after WYLE -Thank you enjoyed and shed a silly sentimental tear :-)

      Looking forward to a new story from you and in the meantime thank you for your previous ones.


    2. Great ending.. growing up is hard on the parents for sure.. My daughter did this very thing .. could not wait to be all grown up.. she tells me now .. what was I thinking.. lol.. she 23 married and has a son.. paying bills and buying groceries.. says this Adulting stuff sucks!.. lol..
      Thank you and look for ward to your next story.

    3. Why am I such an emotional person? I swear I cried through this entire story. Happy tears, of course. I’m happy Bette and Tina still have a love that’s so strong. Even after so much time has passed. Whew, then the emotional roller coaster of Angie growing up. I don’t have a kids or a partner yet, but I’m sure her and I will go through some of these same feelings. I felt transported into the story. I guess that’s the beauty of storytelling. Plus, a great author.

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