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    Only Ever You – Prologue

    “Doubt it”

    Dana’s comment instantly caused everyone to turn and look at her with surprise, making the brunette’s cheeks heat in a blush.

    She shrugged her shoulders, “What? I know some things”

    Lara laughed as she slipped an arm around her girlfriend’s waist, “Of course you do, babe”

    They stared lovingly at each other much to Alice’s dismay, their heads leaning toward one another for a kiss. Alice felt her stomach churn as she averted her gaze, praying for some other distraction to keep her attention away from the gushing couple.

    Just like that, a distraction in the form of yet another inner circle member entered the bar. Tina Kennard, head cheerleader, yearbook committee president, and senior editor for Outlook’s school newspaper frantically scanned the crowd.

    Tina still wore her graduation gown even though the ceremony had been earlier that day, the shiny polyester fabric soaking wet and clinging to her body. Her short blonde hair was plastered to her face and neck, droplets of water continuously dripping from her. She looked on the verge of tears as she looked around hopelessly, no doubt looking for someone in particular. Without a word to the group, Alice raised her hand and called out her friend’s name.

    Tina instantly met her gaze and made her way over with Alice meeting her halfway.

    “TK, what’s wrong? Why are you wet?”

    “It’s pouring” Tina’s broken tone was not lost over the loud music as she ran a hand through her wet hair. She glanced to the group of her very best friends and noticed one person in particular missing from the bunch. “Is Bette here?”

    Alice looked over her shoulder even though she knew the answer. She looked at Tina with confusion, “No, she’s not. Why would she be though? You two left together right after graduation, I thought she was with you this whole time”

    Tina pressed her lips together and Alice saw how hard she was fighting back tears. Beyond confused as to what could have happened, Alice opted to wait for Tina to respond. The last time she had seen her friends, they were leaving the graduation ceremony both happy and in love. Alice had no idea what could have gone wrong since then.

    “She was until about an hour ago” Tina ran another hand through her hair, the wet strands standing out in spikes. Her lips quivered as she fought so hard not to cry, “But then she ran away and now I can’t find her”


    1. Hi Liah,

      I am so looking forward to enjoy and read this new story. Unfortunately i can not read it now, but tomorrow for sure.

      I have faith in you and the girls to overcome the rocky start.

      Enjoy your glass of wine, the music and the cleaning.

    2. Thank you for the new story! Melvin always been ass, but in this he complete bustard. But Bette – yes I think your father paying for your study in Stanford, but have little backbone always good. Because for now obviously she doesn’t has one. Waiting for the next part than!

    3. Hi Liah,

      Late evening here in the UK but seeing a new story from you had to read before bed. Glad I did even though my mood with Melvin May make my dreams less than peaceful!

      Looking forward to this story continuing and having faith as requested:-)
      Trusting you intend our dear Bette to develop a backbone :-)

      Enjoy your wine and music.
      Thanks for the post

    4. Late evening already? I would say sorry to have kept you up but you enjoyed the chapter so I guess that makes up for it :) Done with the cleaning and music but still with a cup of wine in hand lol. Have a good night !

    5. Oh god, Melvin is truly a horrible cruel heartless man without any emotion at all.

      Poor Bette.

      You are a little mean, i want to know about what Tina told Bette and what more she did to hurt Bette and why Alice is the only one knows what is going on. Again poor Bette and now she is send away without saying goodbey to her friends and Tina.

      Liah, i trust you to make things allright in the future with my favourite couple.

      Great start for your new story!

    6. It’s a nice start! I already feel impatient to read the next chapter…😄
      I had read all of ur stories and Have to say u already become one of my favorite writers in this web 😊
      Thank you for sharing all ur work!!!😊

      Oohh forgot..I’m on board with Bibi, very curious with what had happened between our Tibette?? 🤔

    7. Jesus that was rough!.. lot of heart ache there, all the way around. Not sure what Tina said to Bette but obviously Bette was willing to get past it.. it wouldnt have matter fight or no fight she was being shipped off. And the phone thing wow.. very curel. Your child is in front of you hurting a you think its a life lesson?..
      Bette has to do as told . He’s paying for her schooling he holds her future. I dont see her weak without back bone i see obedance and not having a real way to fight back. Even if it all would benefit her in long run. He went about it as a dictator. And forever change Bette in the long run.
      With all that being said I know the love for Tina will last the test of time and you will find away for them to meet again.. Thank you this was a great beginning. Ok i’m going to read first chapter.

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