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    Remember Who You Are 3

    Once Bette had left, Tina casually asked Alice about an artist she had met at an art fair a couple weekends ago. She showed Alice a picture of the artist she had taken from the flyer announcing the fair. With her position in the entertainment world, Tina often came across young artists looking to broaden their reach either through set design, movie poster work or to making easy money creating backdrops. Alice also had an uncanny way of knowing lesbian artists, especially in the alternative world of art and culture.

    “Well”, Alice said, leaning into Tina, “I know she was at Milk the other night snogging a certain redheaded lady of the night…” she began before Shane interrupted her. “Snogging?” She looked at Carmen, who shrugged.

    “Snogging. More than kissing less than tonsil tennis” Alice replied seriously to Shane. “I’m doing a list of the top ten British vernaculars for making out”. Alice continued, ”you know…snogging…copping off… smooching…” she said, ticking them off on her fingers.

    “Lady of the night?” Shane interrupted again and looked at Carmen, who leaned in for a kiss, saying “I want to snog” as she giggled. “Sheesh, what is going on with all the kissing this morning, can’t you people do that at home?” Alice asked, throwing her napkin at Shane and Carmen. Shane caught the napkin mid-air and pulled Carmen in for a full on, tongue to tongue, lip smacking kiss that made Carmen squirm in her seat.

    “Alice, the artist…tell me about the artist. The flyer says her name is Elena. What do you know about her?” Tina implored, in an attempt to get Alice back on track.

    “I know she goes to Milk every night and I know she doesn’t go home alone…she has a reputation,” Alice said in a conspiratorial tone. “She gets in trouble at the clubs sometimes and has caused some problems with some of the top players, if you know what I’m saying. She’s hot and she’s really chic…she wears these red leather pants that…”

    “Alice, I need you do me a favor” Tina interrupted, catching Shane’s attention. “Find out everything you can about Elena. Everything.”


    1. Hi BK,

      Glad to read you were stuck at the airport and got some extra time!

      Fantastic story and chapter!!!

      The love between Bette & Tina is like balm to my Tibette heart after that promo.

      The way Tina cared for Bette when she had the flu, she was so sweet and loving with the way she demostrated her need to take care off Bette ❤️

      What a snake that Kelly, trying to take advantage of Bette to get her own way. Glad that Tina saw through her and protected Bette before she signed the papers while sick.

      I really hope you will punish and end Jodie, she is a piece off shit, first for humilating Bette and now also for stealing Elena’s work. I really hate and despise that woman.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!!!

      • I am so glad you liked it. I was a little worry the sick part dragged on, no one likes a weak Bette Porter after all :)

        It is coming for Jodie, she is my least favorite character but it will come apart slowly for her. I really do not envision Tina as a revengeful person so I am trying to stay with that thought and have her set things in motion but give Jodie enough rope to hang herself (not literally!)

        thanks for reading and commenting

    2. Tina slapping down Kelly and showing her who is the sole owner of Bette’s heart was delicious. Bette buying out Kelly will be icing on the cake. Looks like Tina will finally avenge Bette when she proves that Jodi is a thief.

    3. Excellent chapter and so glad for the lenght (thank you to the plane delay… kidding … ).

      Your description of a sick Bette was good and not too long, Tina was so tender it makes her absence in the new show even more difficult (but it is what it is !).

      Your fic is really great and I hope to read you soon.

    4. Oh, my, I really savoured all these pages, you know, for stories like this one are truly gifts during a dark tunnel like the one I’m crossing these last weeks…
      But since today will be a very special challenge for me, I have to be able to write these words to you, my dear author – before to be perhaps unable to comment for a while…

      What you achieve with this story – and so beautifully – for us, painfully hurted Tibette faithful lovers, is precisely what your wonderful Tina made for her beloved Bette : taking great care of her through endless tenderness or feverish passion, curing hurt and pain…
      That’s true love, true and deep love.

      Simple gestures are essential ones, for they offer, daily, as much proofs of true love one can show to the other, in a real and deep relationship – only to be achieved when two people truly know and respect each other,,,
      True love indeed.

      And for once, I will be totally selfish – sorry for that, it’s absolutely not my nature : please post your next chapter as soon as possible, for I will really need comfort these days…
      I have always share many things with Bette, in my life, on the full-of-old-emotional-scars and not-so-well-hidden vulnerability point of view. So, yes, I can so easily – and painfully – feel more than ever in her skin.

      Everybody should be lucky enough to have a Tina like the one you depict here !
      My lifetime best friend helps me a lot during those kind of dark periods, she’s wonderful and so easily worried about me, that touches me a lot… That’s also the only person in this world to truly know me.
      But if she truly is my Tina, I will never be her Bette. Alas…
      That’s life ! Yes, c’est la vie…

      All my gratefull thanks for your story, I mean it…
      Take care of you !

      • Thank you! Sounds like you are going through a rough patch or a busy time and if this story was a good distraction from that then I am happy to continue writing. Hoping to post the next chapter tomorrow and that you enjoy that as well. I appreciate your kind words, take care of YOU

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