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    Remember Who You Are 6

    “Baby, that’s fantastic. I am so proud of you! That’s the week I have to leave for Chicago though…remember?” Tina’s heart fell. Bette had forgotten, she just knew it. She had completely disregarded Tina’s plans and now it was almost impossible for her to be at the opening. Aaron would blow a gasket if she missed the Chicago trip, they had been planning it for months and it had been on their joint calendar just as long.

    Bette was silent. She had forgotten all about Tina’s trip and had reverted to her old ways, booking the artist before checking with her wife and now she was stuck. The artist was one she had carefully courted, months before she had unveiled the plans for the Gallery and one of the hottest new artists on the circuit. She had not even shown in New York or Paris. It was to be a huge unveiling of the Gallery and tremendous coup to have a major artist there as well. The buzz would be tremendous.

    “Bette? Are you there? You forgot didn’t you…and now you’ve booked the artist…” Tina put her hand up to her forehead and chewed her lip. Dammit. Her headache intensified. Anger rose in her throat, her eyes narrowed.

    “Tee…I…you’re right. I did. I forgot. About…about your trip, I mean. I forgot”. Bette swallowed, knowing Tina would see right through anything other than the truth. “I’m stuck Tee. I can’t. I mean, I’m locked in. It’s Charlotte LaVoie…You are going to have to make it work…” As soon as those words left her mouth, she put her head in her hand, closing her eyes. What a colossal mistake. She could hear and feel the disapproval through the phone. That was the wrong thing to say.

    Tina sighed into the phone. Her first thought had been amazement. Pride rose up her heart, she did it. She got LaVoie. Tina knew what this would mean for their Gallery, for Bette professionally. Charlotte LaVoie was a big deal…but she so was she. Anger then won out. Her trip, her plans mattered. She mattered. She was annoyed. Actually, she was more than annoyed, she was angry and hurt.


    1. BK, what a beautiful and emotional heart wrenching chapter. Oh how I love your writing. You know your a good writer when your readers can be brought to tears by your words. Looking forward to next chapter.

    2. This story is so incredibly written. Gosh what a fantastic job you’re doing in showing the maturity f this couple!!!

      I just re-read each chapter over&over while waiting for the next post!! U’re a marvelously insightful, skillful, sensual writer unlike any other!!

      Keep it up!!!!!

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