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    Remember Who You Are 6

    “I never apologized…for that night…at Milk” Elena began softly, embarrassed. “I just wanted to forget everything for one night and I thought I would be fine there with Shane. I didn’t …. I didn’t think she would also be there… I didn’t think she would be so… awful. Sorry Tina; I’m so sorry. For Bette too, it was a horrible mistake.”

    “It’s fine. No, it is, really. It’s fine.” Tina shook her head and turned to answer the question in her walkie talkie, “yes Justin, dim to a three then change to five at mark three…”

    Elena glanced at Lara again, Lara finally speaking. “Tina…the cameras. Would you object if we started looking at the footage? I mean…I mean once you are done with shooting the movie, of course…”

    “No, no I don’t mind. Elena stay on with the art crew and help Lara look at the footage. Discretion, ladies. No one must know what you are doing. After this ask Justin to take the cameras down tonight, we don’t need them now that we are rolling. You can start whenever…like today, please. Better use of your time…” she said pointedly to Elena.

    She rubbed the back of her neck, she was tense and needed some space, away from all the people but there was nowhere to go. She took a deep breath to calm her nerves. This film could be her signature movie and catapult her career. She alone had sought out the script, having read the book years ago. The author was a recluse and difficult to find but Tina had painstakingly won her over and the script writing had begun, under her close supervision.

    Tina’s cell phone rang, she stood up and walked away to answer. “Baby, hi” she said, smiling at the sound of Bette’s voice. She breathed a sigh of relief, God she needed to Bette’s voice… “You would not believe the set…” she started.

    Bette interrupted, “I have a date for the Gallery opening, they are almost done with the outside and once they finish the small renovations to the showroom, we can host the first Porter Kennard Grand Opening Extravaganza” Bette said excitedly. “I want to do an artist dinner, Tee…just like the night we met only bigger! I’ve got the artist locked down for three weeks from tomorrow, can you believe it?”


    1. BK, what a beautiful and emotional heart wrenching chapter. Oh how I love your writing. You know your a good writer when your readers can be brought to tears by your words. Looking forward to next chapter.

    2. This story is so incredibly written. Gosh what a fantastic job you’re doing in showing the maturity f this couple!!!

      I just re-read each chapter over&over while waiting for the next post!! U’re a marvelously insightful, skillful, sensual writer unlike any other!!

      Keep it up!!!!!

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