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    With her eyes closed, she kissed her way down the quivering long pale body arching into her touch and moaning her name.
    There was no need for concentration, Bette knew her way perfectly picturing that right about now, her warm lips were covering the freckle she loved so much, the one located just above the left hipbone; A little oval cocoa stain, the only splash of colour on the otherwise flawless expanse of Tina’s stomach.
    The brunette drew her tongue to taste the skin right there, imagining the taste the little birthmark would leave on her tongue if it were real chocolate. Everything and everywhere on Tina tasted delightful and Bette had not grown tired of it. The vet had mapped, memorised and cherished every inch of her lover in the past couple of years they had spent in each others lives.
    Right now, they were back in New York for a time where the Foundation had hosted a fund-raising event for which the two women had held guests of honour privileges and their evening had begun with Bette’s speech.
    “Elephants are surprisingly ‘human’,” the vet had begun her address to the room full of wealthy wildlife supporters.
    “We are drawn to them, mesmerised by their imposing size and quaint characteristics, taken in by this invisible aura which surrounds them and reaches deep into your soul in a mysterious and mystifying way.”
    Bette had been so at ease. She had spoken eloquently almost ad–libbing her entire discourse.
    “We share the same life span – three score years and ten – all being well," she paused a split second for effect,  "developing at an astonishing parallel pace.  Endearing dependency in infancy, unruliness in early teens before reaching adulthood and independence around age twenty.”
    “And just like us,” Bette had paused once again but this time because her voice had faltered almost imperceptibly betraying her emotions, “They share a strong sense of family and death and they feel all those emotions in their own very unique way. Each have their own individuality and personality. They can be happy; they can be sad, volatile or placid. They can be envious or jealous, throw tantrums. Some are fiercely competitive; others develop hang-ups just like anyone of us would. They grieve for lost ones, even shedding tears and suffering depression and when one of them is suffering, the rest of the herd shows unlimited compassion that often even projects beyond their own kind.”
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    1. I was one of those silent readers who rarely commented, but I just wanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed this beautiful love story. Thank you so much for coming back with an epi. What an awesome story. Can’t wait for your next one. :) Please keep posting when you can.

    2. Truly Fantastic!!! Thank you so much for the epilogue. Your writing and the description of 42nd St. was simply fantastic. Does that really happen on 42nd street and how often. Does everything have to line up or the sun to be in just the right place for it to happen? Would love to see that. Thanks again for bringing us this story. Perfection!!! Thanks.

    3. I’m glad that this post came to the light, it is brilliant so much romantic it can be a V-Day present and I will consider it one so thank u very much u made my whole V-week LOL ;DI hope we can see ur name again in new stories soon, wish u good luck with ur choices ;D thank u again very much!

    4. Wowww… Amazing epilogue! So beautiful… Gosh, that sunset sounds simply breathtaking! And the proposal was just magic. Way to go, Porter!!! Loved the little bit at the event and Bette’s speech. Exactly the kind of little “moments” in their new life together I was hoping to see. It was perfect! Sorry for not commenting earlier (I read it the day before yesterday late in the evening and was quite busy yesterday…). So glad and grateful that you granted us with an epilogue to this amazing story. As for your other projects, you know you have all my support in whatever you decide! Talk soon! xxx Kw

    5. Oh joy & happy dance!!! Kins, thank you for the belated Valentine gift of Savannah. What a marvelous and satisfying conclusion to an equally marvelous and satisfying story (sigh). I’m simply amazed that you packed so much into four pages yet it never felt rushed, flowed well and completely drew me in at every turn. Your epi remind me yet again what a truly gifted writer you are and also made me realize how much I’d missed your writing. A few thoughts: 1 – Tina’s birthmark; did you make that tasty little detail up or is that from the extensive “research” you do for your stories???, and 2 – leave it to you to tease us about your unrevealed “future project” (you just can’t resist leaving us hanging can you ;). Looking forward to your return whenever that may be – whatever you have planned will no doubt be a treat. Cheers to you kiddo – iHH xxx

    6. It all been said, but still worthy of praise. Wonderful, classy, and beautifully portrayed love story with a most intriguing backdrop. Thank you for always preserving the purity of TiBette’s physical love. Good luck with your future projects.

    7. Absolute perfection dear friend. I could read you all day long. You have such a poetic way with words that always leaves me completely satisfied, yet wanting more. I guess I’m insatiable when it comes to your words. ;)

    8. Great story from beginning to end very beautifully written with such detail…Enjoyed every bit of it. I love different beginning and this one was unique and creative. Thank you for sharing.

    9. I knew it was a good idea to come back to this story. Enjoyed it a lot!
      You painted a beautiful picture of the Kenyan Sanvanah. Actually you made me think about going to Africa on vacation.
      Amazing describtion of nature and wild life. It feels like I’m there when the plot is unfolding.
      Very thorougly researched facts on veterinary medicine, the care of game and life in a game preserve.

      Thanks for having Jodi as such an evil character. I didn’t like her in the series. Never understood what good that should do for Bette’s story line…

      Alright, I think I’m going to start reading “epistolary affair” again :-)

      Thank you for this great story.

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