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    She will be loved

    Yale – Fall 1996

    Tina’s eyes grew wider once Bette’s invitation had escaped her lips, but she  also felt compelled for some strange reason to stick around this beautiful  brunette who had just appeared in her life so she decided to go along. 

    “Yeah that sounds like a good plan.” She accepted Bette’s invitation right away. 

    Once they were in the cafeteria with huge coffee mugs they started talking. The  conversation flew incredibly easily between them and the chemistry between those two was just purely amazing. The moment they were sharing was so unbelievable that it was filling the cafeteria making some of its usual habitants to just take a few minutes to stare at those two marvellous women, who seemed to share a bond but it was yet still unknown to  them. 

    They talked about anything and everything, sharing their opinions and points of view in almost every new topic they engaged in. Not just Professor Miller’s class or work, but also politics, religion, human behaviour, philosophy, personal experiences, wherever the conversation led them to. 

    For Bette, it was amazing how lost she had gotten into the presence of this beautiful blonde. The brunette was completely sure that she had never ever experienced  such a connection to someone else, those connections that make you lose track of time or space, and the world just seems to stop spinning. 

    Tina, on the other hand, wasn’t experiencing anything different. Her world had just been reduced to a single person, the amazing brunette sitting right across from her. 

    It was only then Bette noticed that the cafeteria was almost empty and that  should be for a reason, so she involuntarily checked her watch. 

    “Wow.” Bette said. 

    “What?” Tina asked innocently. 

    “Ahhh… we’ve been here talking for more than three hours?” Bette softly said  completing her line with a shy smile, still not believing it herself. 

    “Oh my god!” Was Tina’s slight exclamation of shock followed by another shy smile. Bette locked her eyes with the hazel ones staring back at her from across the table. 

    “Tina… can I say something to you?” She asked without changing the soft tone  of her voice. 

    Tina nodded in silence, since for some strange reason words were not able to be formed in her brains when those eyes were looking at her like that. 

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    1. OMG! This is killing me. Heart wrenching. Keep posting multiple chapters so I can get my heart out of my stomach. I’d be happy if you posted the whole story tonight. I can’t take the anticipation.

    2. Tina needs to get to LA as quickly as she can….. this project needs to be complete ASAP and then go get your girl. Do not wait or hesitate for a moment. Choose what you want most – your job or Bette? There may not be a second opportunity.

      Thanks for this chapter… love to see more.

    3. Make a damn decision Tina and live with it. Your smart and can always find another job. There is only one Bette and the connection you have together. For once be the bigger woman and go get her.

      • Hello Jacky! First of all I would like to thank you for all the hard work you´ve done over the last… 16 years (OMG) to keep this amazing site open and all our stories untouched. I sincerely thank you for that, this site and these stories have been a major part of my life so it really means a lot.
        Now to answer your question, yes I was able to post smoothly but whenever I want to upload a picture (which I would love to do in every chapter) I just can´t… it says something about a missing file or something of the sort.
        Again, thank you!

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