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    She will be loved

    Yale – Fall 1996 

    Bette and Tina were walking back to their respective dorms, still not able to pull  away from each other’s presence. They both stood at the entrance of a building  at the same time, still tangled up in a discussion of Professor Miller’s  approach on impressionists. 

    “Well… can we just agree to disagree?” Bette asked with pleading puppy eyes, waving and imaginary white flag. 

    A small giggle escaped Tina’s lips as she was nodding and then she  involuntarily looked at the building’s doors, feeling bizarrely happy that she decided to take that class. Surely meeting that amazing brunette had something to do with that happiness.

    “Well I guess we should call it a night…” Bette caught the hint, although it really wasn’t Tina’s intention. 

    “Well yeah… I have an early morning tomorrow” Tina concluded with a sad expression in her face.

    “Ok then… Tina Kennard it has been a real pleasure to meet you, thank you…” Bette said smiling brightly while extending her hand, for she knew that she would be seeing that amazing blonde again. 

    “Yes it has… thanks to you too Bette” Tina responded, taking the hand that was offered to her for the second time that day and realizing again that spark of electricity that was there. 

    Wow. Bette thought to herself. She was not familiar or prepared for what that  little and brief and not so significant contact was causing her once again, and she certainly could not put her finger on exactly what it was that she was feeling. 

    It wasn’t unfamiliar for Bette Porter to touch a woman’s hand or the rest of the  female anatomy for that matter. But this tingle she felt, this electricity it came 

    running down her spine was truly unknown for her. She needed more time to  figure it out but most importantly she wanted more time with this beautiful  blonde to figure it out, but as much as it pained her it was quite late and they did  have to go. 

    “Right… I guess I’ll see you soon… You have a good night” Bette said, giving  Tina another one of her bright smiles and quickly turning towards the door of the building ready to definitely call it a night. 

    “No way… this is your building?” Tina exclaimed, starting to giggle.

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    1. Bette and Tina are being typical college students. Relationships generally at that age are rather fluid…. here today and over tomorrow. But every once in awhile, you meet someone who really gets your attention. This is actually an interesting story about the meeting of Bette and Tina for the first time….. keep it coming.

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