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    She will be loved

    “I never had the pleasure of being part of such a wonderful conversation and if  you agree with me, and are ok with it, I would very much like to repeat this  again…” She finished her sentence with what was yet another one of her Porter smiles.

    Tina nodded in silence, for she still remained unable to form coherent sentences but because of that smile.  

    But after a few moments of being scanned by Bette and noticing that amazing smile was fading as more and more seconds of her silence went by, Tina realized she had to actually verbalize her consent.  

    “Uh yes, yes. I agree with you and I would be more than happy to do this again.  You know Bette… can I say something to you?” Now it was Tina’s turn to stare intently into those big and beautiful brown eyes.

    “Anything…” Bette was a little bit scared all of the sudden. 

    “I never had the pleasure of meeting such a smart, committed and honest  person as you.” Came Tina’s small confession, but it was true. The blonde was truly captivated by this new character in her life. One that for some unknown reason, she was hoping to keep around her for much longer than just occasional coffees and intense debating. 

    “Ditto” Was all Bette could manage to respond to without turning into a puddle from the intense melting she was doing right there and then. 

    Tina just smiled broadly at her knowing that this was the beginning of something  definitely worth keeping. 

    New York – Summer 2002 

    Alphaville Main quarters 

    “Hi Kit… How are you?” Tina’s voice was sweet but at the same time tainted with a mixture of fear and anxiety. 

    The blonde heard a sigh on the other side of the line. 

    “Well… I’m fine Tina, but Bette it’s not…” Kit made a pause, searching for the right words.

    Tina almost jumped out of her seat in anticipation of what Kit might say next, her heart started beating incredibly fast. 

    “Bette is getting married in three weeks and Tina… when will you realize she  just loves you… and you alone… and all she’s doing right now is nothing but hurting herself and other people too? When will you come back and claim what never stopped being yours?…” Kit completed her statement defeated, she had rehearsed that conversation in her head so many times and yet she couldn’t quite take away the sadness from her voice.

    Tina’s heartbeat went from a hundred and fifty to zero in record time. She was sure as hell she did not want to hear that something bad had happened to Bette, but never in a million years was she ready to hear what Kit had just  said.  

    After a few moments of silence Kit sighed heavily on the phone again kicking  herself in the ass for calling her, for she should have known better.

    “Damn, I’m so stupid… I’m so sorry Tina I shouldn’t have thrown this on you,  but the truth is I love you both so… so much… and it kills me… hell not just me,  it kills us all to witness how two people, that so clearly belong to one another, are  just… are just… throwing it all away…” Kit’s voice broke a bit after that last part. 

    Tina’s voice was not just broken by the tears that were cascading down her eyes at this  point. No. She felt her life was being torn apart right at that moment. 

    The blonde tried her best to reply to Kit, but instead all she managed to get out of her throat was a huge sob, as the tears she was shedding only increased.

    “Tina, we’re having a bachelorette party in two weeks and after that… after that… well I don’t think you’ll have another chance with Bette, because they are not only  getting married abroad… they’ll be moving to London for at least a year… if not more… I just hope you make the right decision girl… I am sick and tired of watching you both suffer because of your own stupidity…” 

    And just like that Kit was gone. She had hung up before Tina would hear the sound of her own tears.

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    1. OMG! This is killing me. Heart wrenching. Keep posting multiple chapters so I can get my heart out of my stomach. I’d be happy if you posted the whole story tonight. I can’t take the anticipation.

    2. Tina needs to get to LA as quickly as she can….. this project needs to be complete ASAP and then go get your girl. Do not wait or hesitate for a moment. Choose what you want most – your job or Bette? There may not be a second opportunity.

      Thanks for this chapter… love to see more.

    3. Make a damn decision Tina and live with it. Your smart and can always find another job. There is only one Bette and the connection you have together. For once be the bigger woman and go get her.

      • Hello Jacky! First of all I would like to thank you for all the hard work you´ve done over the last… 16 years (OMG) to keep this amazing site open and all our stories untouched. I sincerely thank you for that, this site and these stories have been a major part of my life so it really means a lot.
        Now to answer your question, yes I was able to post smoothly but whenever I want to upload a picture (which I would love to do in every chapter) I just can´t… it says something about a missing file or something of the sort.
        Again, thank you!

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