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    She will be loved


    “Yeah we did and believe me, I love Tina for that… we have a very honest  relationship… and well… she has told me a few things that have put me to  think…” 

    “Such as?” Shane´s curiosity kicked in.

    “Well… you know… things” Bette said, truly pensive.

    “Ohhh… now it’s become so much clearer to me” Shane was smiling at Bette’s  expression.  

    She knew what this whole thing was about, but she was certainly not gonna be  the one opening Bette’s eyes because there’s no worse blind than the one who  doesn’t want to see. 

    “Well it’s like… like the kind of relationship we have… honest and to the point… you know I’m there for you and I know you’re there for me…” Bette’s voice trailed off at that point, like realizing something. 

    “Yeah, sure… we are friends but…” Shane made a pause noticing Bette was  about to eat a gigantic bagel. “Oh could you give me some of that bagel you’re having?” The smaller brunette asked while looking at the huge element held in the tip of Bette’s fingers and then back at her who had taken a big bite. 

    “Get your own?” Bette smiled at Shane while chewing. 

    “You know what… I think I will…” Shane added as she stood from the table heading for the counter with a huge grin on her face. 

    LA – Summer 2002 

    At a karaoke bar 

    “Oh for the love of God!… I’m going to the bar… I cannot take this shit anymore.  Anyone want to join me?” Alice said, almost jumping off her seat. 

    All the while Bette kept on singing her heart out. 

    “I’m with you…” Shane said, also getting up. 

    “Ooouuukaayy… whatever…” It was Dana’s turn to get up from the spot she  was sitting on. 

    The three of them left for the bar, leaving Kit at their table who was talking to  one of Bette’s colleagues who she had the hots for. 

    “No… but really… enough is enough… someone has to go to talk to her…” Alice was clearly aggravated and was not gonna let it go.


    “Al… You know that is not our place to judge Bette…” Dana started her  sentence with a sweet tone in her voice trying her best to soothe Alice. 

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    1. This is a great story. Love that Past Bette would not share her bagel with Shane but bought extra food so she COULD share with Tina. And Shane gets it. Bette is so in love. Lots to learn about what took place between 1996 and 2002. Present time Bette is absolutely miserable. And we know why. At least B and T are on the same coast and in the same room. Love Shane. She may be an ally I think. Depending on how close they are with Julia. Alice not so sure – so brazen – she needs to back off so they can talk.

    2. Absolutely love how this is unfolding. Always challenging moving back and forth between past and present, like two stories going at the same time.

      Looks like as usually Bette is pinning and Tina sitting on the fence of indecisiveness. Can’t wait to see what she has to say.

      If I am following correctly, Tina never gave in to Bette fully. Although the physical aspect of a relationship is not the only piece, it is important to be fully in a relationship of a romantic nature.


      • Agree. Tina seems to think Bette knew how she felt. Which is how? We shall see. Tina also seems totally career driven. The group was involved in their relationship even in college days. Drives me crazy. Lol.

    3. Drunk Bette in the bathroom plus returning love of her life Tina appearing out of nowhere at a bachorlette party. I mean, what could go wrong? LOL. LOVE IT. Bring the new chapter soon!

    4. Well, what will happen with this scenario..drunk Bette and Tina in the same room? Interesting story with past and present going on simultaneously. The plot thickens…please post again soon.

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