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    She will be loved

    “Yeah… and besides… you know how Bette is… do you really wanna go down  that path with her?” Shane continued Dana´s intention.

    “I know… but I’m gonna let you in a little secret here… there are a few people  sitting at that table… who are also Julia’s friends. Now… how do you think she  would feel if any… ANY… of those morons would open their mouth at some point… like say… their wedding?” 

    “Like she must feel every single time we get drunk and drop Bette home?”  Dana asked with the same level of sarcasm as Alice’s previous question.  

    “Oh fuck off…I’m gonna go take that microphone out of her hands and talk to her…” Alice estated getting up from the counter chairs when she realized the song was over and Bette was trying to get down from that stage. 

    “No you’re not” Shane said while grabbing Alice by her elbow, this small action not going unnoticed by the blonde.

    In the meantime Bette was focusing really, really hard on getting down from the stage. Although there were just three tiny steps, she was drunk enough and her  heels were high enough, to make her trip and land on her face, with the chance  of quite possibly ruining hers and everybody’s night and probably the wedding too. 

    Heeeyyy… now that’s not such a bad idea… mmmm I need the bathroom And with those thoughts in her head she headed for the restroom. 

    Damn… what the fuck is wrong with me? It ’s fucking LA… Why do I get these chills down my spine? I must be R E A L L Y drunk… oh fuck!… Julia is gonna  be sooouuuu happy… happy, happy, happy… was Bette’s delightful conversation with herself in her head, as she had entered the bathroom and gone for the toilettes. 

    Once she emerged from there and started washing her hands the babbling in  her head had become a babbling out of her lips. 

    “Yeah… Julia is definitely not gonna be happy about me… being this drunk…  damn! That woman is no fun no more… mmmm… what should I do?” Bette was  ranting at that point, leaning on the sink with both her elbows and with her head resting in both her hands covering her eyes and most of her forehead with them. 

    “Bette…” Came a voice she never ever expected to hear at that particular time and in that specific place. 


    The only voice that made her name sound so sexy and so inviting. 


    The only voice she had longed to hear for so, so long.

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    1. This is a great story. Love that Past Bette would not share her bagel with Shane but bought extra food so she COULD share with Tina. And Shane gets it. Bette is so in love. Lots to learn about what took place between 1996 and 2002. Present time Bette is absolutely miserable. And we know why. At least B and T are on the same coast and in the same room. Love Shane. She may be an ally I think. Depending on how close they are with Julia. Alice not so sure – so brazen – she needs to back off so they can talk.

    2. Absolutely love how this is unfolding. Always challenging moving back and forth between past and present, like two stories going at the same time.

      Looks like as usually Bette is pinning and Tina sitting on the fence of indecisiveness. Can’t wait to see what she has to say.

      If I am following correctly, Tina never gave in to Bette fully. Although the physical aspect of a relationship is not the only piece, it is important to be fully in a relationship of a romantic nature.


      • Agree. Tina seems to think Bette knew how she felt. Which is how? We shall see. Tina also seems totally career driven. The group was involved in their relationship even in college days. Drives me crazy. Lol.

    3. Drunk Bette in the bathroom plus returning love of her life Tina appearing out of nowhere at a bachorlette party. I mean, what could go wrong? LOL. LOVE IT. Bring the new chapter soon!

    4. Well, what will happen with this scenario..drunk Bette and Tina in the same room? Interesting story with past and present going on simultaneously. The plot thickens…please post again soon.

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