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    Side Effects Chapter 10 – WHAT ARE THE ODDS…

    Cambridge, Ma, Monday, 9:00 am 


    Brenda is walking toward Tina’s lab, she has waited for two weeks to hear a word from her colleague and friend and she hasn’t seen her around all that time; perhaps the biochemist is hiding from her because she is afraid of her invitation. But Brenda won’t let Tina run away anymore, she knows the blonde still has a wound since time ago, for failed love-episode; and she could help her with that and at the same time have a good time together. But just when she was at the lab’s door, Kate Arden opened it, from the other side intercepting her.

    Kate: “Brenda, what a surprise; are you looking for someone?”

    Brenda: “what are you doing here Kate?”

    Kate: “the same than you”

    Brenda: “which is?”

    Kate: “I’m a good girl worried about a good friend”

    Brenda: “are you talking about Tina?”

    Kate: “who else”

    Brenda: “is she there?”

    Kate: “no, her assistant said she hasn’t come the last two weeks and is giving online tasks and orders”

    Brenda: “where is she? Is she sick?”

    Kate: “I don’t know…, but her assistant believes she is at home”

    For Brenda, the next step is to find Tina’s address and that must be in the HR data, she knew how to access it.

    Brenda: “hmm…, okay”

    Kate: “fine…, we go together”

    Brenda: “what…? I’m not going to her house”

    Kate: “oh…, fine, I’ll go alone”

    Brenda: “you know where she lives?”

    Kate: “yup, her assistant told me”

    Brenda: “okay we go together”

    Kate: “my car is ready”

    Brenda: “your blue Lexus? Where does she live?”

    Kate: “Framingham…, we have to take the Massachusetts Turnpike”

    The two scientists left Genetics in Kate’s car toward Tina’s house.


    Boston, Ma, Monday, 9:10 am 


    Bette and Tasha were driving from Turner Street in Brighton, where the safe house was located, turning to Washington Street taking the Interstate 90 section of the Massachusetts Turnpike southwest-bound; the traffic was fluid at that time of the morning; after 15 minutes in the way, Bette took courage and starts talking to Tasha.

    Bette: “Tasha…, hmm…, how long are you working in BPD?”

    Tasha: “five years…, why?”

    Bette: “it’s a dangerous job”

    Tasha: “no more dangerous than to be a scientist”

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    1. Hi proteonomics,

      Sorry to hear a tragedy hit home. I hope everything is okay now.

      I hope to read it this week, maybe wednesday. I have a new job and have late shifts. I will leave another comment then.

      Take care,
      Xxx 😘

    2. Hi proteonomics,

      As promised i finally had the time to read your update.

      I should have remembered that the guys would take the wrong “girlfriend”. But you always give us so much information it slipped my mind, forgive me.

      The girls are getting closer to the solution and when they do i hope all those bastards get what they deserve.

      I really loved to read how Alice and Dana became a couple, i hope they will be reunited soon.

      Bette took a risk to not inform Tina what her plan was but she was forgiven quickly when she told her she picked up the sample. I hope it took.

      Thank you for the update, I wish you strenght and lots of love and take care of your self! 👐😘

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