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    Side Effects Chapter 11 – WEDDING TIME

    Boston, Ma, Monday, 9:30 am 


    The wedding has been scheduled to take place on Saturday at 10 a.m. in a house rented by Tina and Bette in Revere Beach, the place where Bette and Tina had their first dates. To get this place has been a constant discussion between Bette and Jane because of security issues; the lieutenant was reluctant to authorize a private wedding in a location different than the safe house, but Tina wanted to marry under the presence of their close acquaintances and in a place that holds nice memories for them; on her side, Bette wanted very much to have their families with them; finally, thanks to Maura’s intervention, Jane accepted Bette’s petition, on the condition of establishing strong police protection during the ceremony. Secretly Bette has already talked with Louise, who wants to attend the wedding in disguise, something almost impossible if they don’t find the way to sneak in the ceremony. Today, while Tina is studying some samples in the lab of the basement of the hospital, in a small office where she has set her computer, the brunette is talking by phone with Louise.

    Bette: “look, Louise, I understand that you want to be in your sister’s wedding, but the place will be surrounded by police, so, you come and show yourself to her or you don’t come”

    Louise: “no…, I’ll be there any way…, mom will be there, but don’t tell Tina, is a surprise”

    Bette: “how are you going to attend, the police won’t let you in”

    Louise: “hmm…, how many days will you rent that place for the wedding?”

    Bette: “we were thinking in two days…”

    Louise: “where your family is going to stay?”

    Bette: “I didn’t plan for them to stay here longer”

    Louise: “why don’t you plan on one week? So, you guys could need more protection and a group of private bodyguards could protect the place longer, in that way Jane won’t need to use as many police officers as she is planning to protect the whole consultant team”

    Bette: “do you have trustable people to do the protection?”

    Louise: “course I have…, I will be one of them…, don’t worry about that…, besides I doubt Don Kennard will be able to do something in at least the next 30 days”

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      • Hi Zhenya:

        Yup, you’re totally right, I was thinking to write more of the wedding, too, I even have partially written the wedding vows, but it was going to be too long and I needed to reach the scene of Tasha and Alice; besides sometimes I put much attention to some general comments and PMs, and I didn’t want to have a rating R or 17, this time.

        But “the night is young” and who knows what will happen in the next chapters that will have the wedding night in the beginning.

        For my next wedding (I mean TIBETTE’s wedding) I’ll write more in detail.

        Thank you for reading and commenting.


    1. Hey proteonomics,

      My lovely wife allowed me to read your update!

      I am so glad Bette &Tina are married and that Tina’s mom was there. But i am still a little worried how Tina is going to react when she finds out Bette was in contact with Louise. She will be pissed of.

      Alice & Tasha, hmm, i loved them together in the L Word. But i think Tasha gets her heart broken when Alice &Dana will be reunited.

      Mr. Kennard get what he deserve and i hope this will be only the beginning.

      Loved the update, thank you 😘

      • Hi Bibi, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! again 🎂🎂🎂🎈🎈🎈

        Thanks for reading and commenting Bibi. You’re totally right, Tina is going to be very pissed with everybody (🤣😂

        Yes, Alice has to think about many things, who knows how Dana comes back (if she comes back, which I hope so)

        And you’re again right, this is the beginning for Don Kennard, but remember there is nothing worse than a wounded beast.

        I better stop, don’t want to write a whole chapter here.

        Have a very nice day today and always.


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