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    Side Effects Chapter 18 – THE FINALE – TINA’S CHOICE – PART 2

    Bette: “we have to try, Louise…, or you prefer to go back to Don’s place?”

    Louise: “of course not, but we have to be prepared, we should attack those ruffians and take their guns.”

    Bette: “how? They are always in groups of two or three.”

    Tina: “Lou, Bette, stop arguing, we have to go.”

    The girls traveled by night using flashlights and after three hours walking they made a wood-fire and took turns to sleep. The night was cold but they had brought the blankets from their beds and used them against the cold weather; after five hours of rest, they kept walking west using Tina’s compass.


    Farm in Yellowstone, WY, Monday, 8:00 am 


    When the woman in charge of watching the captive girls entered to the bedroom early in the morning, only found a drunken sleepy Donovan Kennard lying on a bed; she tried to wake him up, but the big man was deep in his dreams. She quickly woke up the rest of the people in the house to tell them that Louise, Tina, and Bette were gone and that their boss was unconscious in the bedroom. Eric and Henry try to reanimate him but the man was still unresponsive. They, immediately, order the guards to look outside around the house for the fugitives, but they didn’t know where to search, and of course, they didn’t find them. It was around noon when Don woke up, he was furious,  blaming everybody for the escape of the three captives. Don ordered the helicopter that was in Gallatin airport waiting for the laboratory’s chemicals, to come immediately to the farm and start the hunting for his nieces and Bette. After a bit more than two hours the chopper was landing on the farm.

    Eric: “the helicopter is here, sir.”

    Don: “good, I need five armed men and you and Henry to come with me.”

    Eric: “there is no room for so many in the helicopter, at most six passengers besides the pilot.”

    Don: “then you and  Henry must stay here…”

    Eric: (relieved) “yes, sir.”

    Don: “but stay tuned for my messages…, oh, Louise, Louise…, I guess this was your own doing, but you, my dear, you don’t have a way out from me.”


    1. Hey proteonomics,

      Wow, after almost two years this awesome story reached the end!

      It was a long journey and a incredible joy to read it!!!

      I mentioned it at the beginning that i didn’t always understand all the sciences you wrote about, but that never held me back to read every chapter that you gave to us!

      It was a fantastic journey with a worthy end.

      I am so happy that you shared this with us and i hope you will award us with a new story!

      Thank you so much my friend 😘

    2. So, i’m ready. I’m glad that you finished this story and gave us logical final. Like Bibi in the beginning i also don’t understand all reseah staff, but i still enjoed your story.

      Thank you for the happy Tibette in the end of your story, especially for now – when we don’t really know what tv people might do with them in the “new” TLW (don’t understand why we need it without LH and Tina)

    3. proteonomics:

      Sorry for the late comment, here I am.
      First of all, you did scare a sh** out of me, worried about that Louise might got harm or what, thanks god that both of the women Tina love were safe and sound, I did actually like the pair of Helena and Louise. It’s really good to see bad guys were be sentenced by justice, Don deserved his fate and I’m so admired that Tina used her intelligence in Chemistry to protect the one she love, what a great story!

      Among these two years since you started to post the Side Effect, maybe also the year that I falling in love with the Tibette, for these two, except the series in TLW, the Tibette in your story brought me a new sight of them, which made me love them most, thank you for the beautiful stories and brought hope for the rest of the Tibette fan. I believe that a good ending is all we need for now.

      You are a very good writer, especially in the chemistry field, although sometimes I need to check the dictionary so as to understand the special term inside the story, it’s never reduce the fun to read it. I sincerely hope to read your next story and I’m very looking forward to read some great plot between Bette and Tina. Even if LH might not (maybe will? join TLW rebute, we will still love Jennifer and Laurel.

      Hope to read your new story soon!


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