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    Side Effects Chapter 18 – THE FINALE – TINA’S CHOICE – PART 2


    Old Faithful Visitor Center, Yellowstone, WY, Monday, 9:00 am 


    It has cost a lot of convincing the clerk to look for information in the archive on Sunday afternoon but finally, Tasha and Duffy got the list of properties of Don’s mother in Wyoming. Most of the land was wild and plane, but there was that farm-ranch in the base of Trout Peak Mountain close to Pelican Cone that called their attention because it has been built far away from the tourist centers and it was big, hard to access but easy to reach using helicopter; but now, here it was the problem how to get a chopper, because that was the only way to reach the place.

    Duffy: “I think we must tell Jane; she may bring a helicopter from Massachusetts.”

    Tasha: “it will take longer.”

    Duffy: “I know…, any suggestions?”

    Tasha was thinking about Louise people, maybe they could be quicker than Jane.

    Tasha: “let me call a friend…”

    Tasha went a bit far to make the phone call, and came back to tell Duffy.”

    Duffy: “how it went?”

    Tasha: “they can bring a chopper here in four hours, I think much faster than Jane, but I think we must report everything to her.”

    Duffy: “good, but I believe we need reinforcements.”

    Tasha: “my friend is sending just the pilot.”

    Duffy: “so…, we have to tell Jane to bring more people from Boston.”

    Tasha: “yes that will be wise, we must call her immediately, but we can’t wait for her to come, we need to start searching for the girls, otherwise it could be too late.”

    Duffy: “fine, I concord with you…”

    Tasha called lieutenant Rizzoli and this one replayed that she’ll be there the next day, but asked the sergeants to start the search for the missing ladies. So, things were decided, Tasha and Duffy will wait for the helicopter and coordinate with the local authorities to visit Kennard’s farm.


    Wilderness in Yellowstone, WY, Monday, 3:00 pm 


    The way to the Yellowstone River was long, not because of the distance, but due to the difficulty of walking on uncharted territory. Early in the morning, the three fugitives found several creeks, and using a rudimentary harpoon they caught some trout, they made a fire to cook the fish they also collected few prickly pears and used some paper sheets to boil water. Now, they were more certain that they have to ride toward the west using Tina’s compass.


    1. Hey proteonomics,

      Wow, after almost two years this awesome story reached the end!

      It was a long journey and a incredible joy to read it!!!

      I mentioned it at the beginning that i didn’t always understand all the sciences you wrote about, but that never held me back to read every chapter that you gave to us!

      It was a fantastic journey with a worthy end.

      I am so happy that you shared this with us and i hope you will award us with a new story!

      Thank you so much my friend 😘

      • Hi Bibi:

        Thank you so much for your continuous support to my stories, my friend.

        I’m very glad that you liked the story, I had to shrink the last chapter because it was going to be too long.

        Yes, two years, next time I’m hoping to post more frequently.

        Indeed, I’m writing a new story, I’m still doubting a little bit about that because I have another story in mind that it is also in preparation, and I have many other things in the way, but I hope that I would have something by the end of August.

        Also, everything depend on what will happen in the new show; but I prefer to chat that with you in a pm.

        Thanks again for reading and commenting, my friend and stay tuned for the next story.


      • Hi SG:

        Thanks to you for following this story, and for supporting me with your comments.

        Yes, I finally ended it, and I’m happy about that.

        Yes, I hope I will be able to post new stories and to do it frequently, as I said to Bibi, by the end of August, so in that way we celebrate many birthdays of my favorite readers and my favorite author.

        Hope everything will be fine for all of us and for this wonderful site.

        Thanks again.


    2. So, i’m ready. I’m glad that you finished this story and gave us logical final. Like Bibi in the beginning i also don’t understand all reseah staff, but i still enjoed your story.

      Thank you for the happy Tibette in the end of your story, especially for now – when we don’t really know what tv people might do with them in the “new” TLW (don’t understand why we need it without LH and Tina)

      • Hi Zhenya:

        Thank you for being a loyal follower of this story, I really appreciate all the effort you and other readers made to understand some technical words in this story.

        I wanted to comment on the new show (the new TLW). I watched the show for the first time in 2015. For me, it was like to pass from the caveman to StarTrek. Living in places where being a lesbian is a nightmare to move over here to freedom of being what you really are or like to be, The L Word had a tremendous impact on my life and probably on many others. I’m a TIBETTER and I think the Bette and Tina are a symbol of hopes for us that, love between women is possible whatever the obstacles are and whatever our inner limitations are; that we don’t have to be perfect or totally matures to be in a relationship with another woman and succeed, because we learn when we live and we can change almost everything.

        Now, about the new show, well it’s going to be another generation, of course; why Tina is not going to be there, I don’t know if that is correct, I just wait until the new show is in the TV. But something that for me is clear is that Jennifer Beals and Laurel Holloman are or were the actresses, and very good ones and Tina and Bette are the characters, the symbols, I would like to keep reading and writing stories with them as protagonists, but that is all I can do. Maybe, just maybe the new show will bring us some new nice couples, and someone would write very good stories about them; but in my heart, Bette and Tina will be always the ideal couple. Sorry, for this long replay, I got carry away.

        Thanks for your comments and your support.


        • I think LH just don’t want return to shooting, She now have completely another life with another career.

          About new L-Word – i’m not planning to watch it, until i’ll find out what they done with Tibette. If they broke up them or they kill Tina – i’ll say fuck them and would be hoping that this show will be canceled after first season. Because i only interesting in Tibette, not other couple in TV or big screen not ever get to close to them for me.
          But if in the new show Bette still with Tina even if Tina not be in the screen – i’ll give this show a chance.

          • Zhenya:

            Don’t you think they (the producers of the show) have already realized how important is TIBETTE for the show?

            This thas been already a ‘deep’ discussion that we’ had and in some places we still have in the social media for a little more than one year.

            The producers announced many things about Bette and Tina, like breaking TIBETTE or to even killing Tina or making Bette cheat on her, and the response in Twitter, FB, etc, was huge against that.

            They know what could happen if there is not TIBETTE in the new show.
            When they announced the new show, they said that no other one has been as good and have had the impact of TLW, well TIBETTE was a big part of that.

            Well, we could keep talking about it but there is too much to say and too little that we know about it. I also hope that they let TIBETTE survive in some way.


    3. proteonomics:

      Sorry for the late comment, here I am.
      First of all, you did scare a sh** out of me, worried about that Louise might got harm or what, thanks god that both of the women Tina love were safe and sound, I did actually like the pair of Helena and Louise. It’s really good to see bad guys were be sentenced by justice, Don deserved his fate and I’m so admired that Tina used her intelligence in Chemistry to protect the one she love, what a great story!

      Among these two years since you started to post the Side Effect, maybe also the year that I falling in love with the Tibette, for these two, except the series in TLW, the Tibette in your story brought me a new sight of them, which made me love them most, thank you for the beautiful stories and brought hope for the rest of the Tibette fan. I believe that a good ending is all we need for now.

      You are a very good writer, especially in the chemistry field, although sometimes I need to check the dictionary so as to understand the special term inside the story, it’s never reduce the fun to read it. I sincerely hope to read your next story and I’m very looking forward to read some great plot between Bette and Tina. Even if LH might not (maybe will? join TLW rebute, we will still love Jennifer and Laurel.

      Hope to read your new story soon!


      • Hi CJ:

        Thank you, for your kind words, and thank you for following this story and support me.

        This last chapter was hard, there were so many more things to write, but I have to keep my word and stop here.

        Yes, we don’t know what will happen in the new show, but we are still TIBETTERs.

        I’ll try in my next story to be less technical in my language and to bring more ‘action’ to the characters and the situation.

        Hope that I could update more frequently as you did at the beginning of your story, I know, life and job get always in the way when we post our stories, but we can do nothing about that.

        Thanks again CJ, and hope to read your updates soon.


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