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    Somewhere Over the Rainbow

    Tina spent most of the night staring at the Fawn print. She knew sleep was going to be elusive the minute she opened the door and saw Bette’s beautiful face and big, chocolate doe eyes staring back at her, not knowing she wanted to stay. Tina’s thoughts were occupied by the brunette in the other room. She still couldn’t believe Bette was there, sharing the same space, breathing the same air. She had no idea how this happened. But she was grateful. Tina knew she had one shot, one opportunity to seize everything she ever wanted at making things right with Bette and she vowed not to blow it. She was not going to miss her chance.

    Her assignment was to make Bette feel safe and not pressured into anything. It was going to be tricky. Tina had to get out of her own way and allow Bette to come to her on her own terms. Tina puckered her lips like a whistle and blew all the air out of her lungs before finally, sitting up in the bed and swinging her feet to the floor.

    She wished she didn’t have to go to work. It was going to be a long day and she didn’t want to be away from Bette for any longer than she had to. She checked the schedule and the call sheet and exhaled again. She wouldn’t be back at the apartment until late.

    “Fuck,” Tina whispered as she rolled her eyes.

    She checked the clock and realized it was two hours before she’d normally get up. She looked at the door and made a decision. Tina hopped out of bed, did her morning routine, threw on her running clothes and packed her bag as she did every morning. Her day always started out the same with a run and getting ready in her trailer. She spent as little time as possible at the apartment. Tina stopped in front of the door that hid Bette on the other side. She gently placed her hand flat against the door, needing to be as close to Bette as possible. She lingered there for a few heartbeats before she left.

    Tina ran hard for about an hour until her lungs burned and felt like they were about to explode and her heart pounded loudly inside of her chest. That was exactly what she needed. To run. To clear her mind and figure out how not to screw this up. She stopped at the ice cream shop just as they were turning the sign to open. She stumbled upon them opening early during one of her runs after Sam had introduced her to it that one time when she collapsed because she’d pushed herself too hard. She’d been thinking of Bette that time as well. Tina was thankful to learn they served more than ice cream. What an incredible discovery.

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    1. Looks like KiKi’s Valentine plan is working so far. Lordy, Lordy Tina had me “hollering bigly” when:

      “Tina watched Bette close the door then she ran to the other room and called Julia back.

      “Everything okay, Tina?”

      Yes, I just walked in on Bette wearing nothing but a towel and it “sent me spiraling”. (bc of her prolific imagination). Tho I think I PLAYED IT PRETTY COOL . . . R U kidding me??!!! HA!!! Tina was licking her chops and vividly dreaming of bending Bette over the couch . . .chair . . . Table . . or just flat out “bending her over” tryna get to that Bette nectar!!!!

      Ohhh that tickled me!!

      Makes me wonder what type of scenes they captured at the studio. Tina’s pump was primed to the point of drooling.

      Oooh wee!! We’re gonna have a party in your next chapter Tibette 4EE. I’m just hopin Tina doesn’t hurt herself or break something we Bette gives her the okay! HeHeHe!!!

    2. Great chapter. Poor Bette. She’s definitely not in Kansas anymore. She’s so clueless as to all of the plotting and manipulation taking place all around her. So is Tina. Kiki is relentless. But can she force this? Should she? She sure seems to think so. Bette is really hurting. Kiki doesn’t seem to respect that very much. All I know is that if someone did that to me I might realize that their heart was in the right place but still be pretty angry. For B and T’s relationship to truly heal and last in the long term they need to be the ones to move at their own pace and not at one dictated by someone who has decided to intervene and speed things along. I suspect it will all work out just fine (of course it will) but in the real world Kiki would have some major explaining to do. On the other hand, I have to admit to laughing out loud at perpetually horny Tina trying to control herself over Bette in the towel. Shaking my head as I type this. Tina, you’re in trouble girl. Get a grip. Love this story.

      • Yes, I think there will be some backlash to all of the plotting. But hopefully Bette will understand why everyone did what they did. It’ll only be okay if she ends up with Tina. Fingers crossed! I think it will be revealed why KiKi is fighting so hard for them. So much to unfold. They have a long way to go and lots of questions to be answered.

        Tina misses Bette so much…all of her…especially the sex. Especially the sex. lmao

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