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    The Talks

    Liz sent a group text to Alice and James as soon as Tina left after they wrapped for the day.

    Liz: I didn’t know this was the plan

    Alice: WTF, Liz. We r so fucked

    James: I told u to stay out of it

    Liz: Tina is gonna flip if she finds out

    James: Tina? Bette is gonna rip my balls off

    Alice: Yeah, ur screwed, James

    James: Fuck u, Alice

    Liz: We need a plan

    James: Nope. I’m done. If Bette asks, I’m telling everything

    Alice: This might be good. They might get back 2gether. Let’s wait & c

    Liz: Ugh. Hope so. Sorry I got u into this, James

    Alice: What about me

    Liz: Let’s face it, u would have butted in no matter what

    Alice: Yeah. That’s true.

    James: I hate u both. Bette can’t take anymore hurt. If Tina hurts her, I’m holding you both personally responsible

    Alice: Don’t be so dramatic u baby

    Liz: Does anyone else kno 

    Alice: Well…I sorta told Shane & Dana

    James: Great. Just great

    Alice: Calm ur nuts, James. It’s gonna be fine

    Liz: U don’t know that, Alice

    James: (middle finger emoji)

    Alice: yeah, ur rt. I don’t. But it’s gotta be, rt?

    Liz: (shrugs emoji)

    James: It better be

    Liz: (sad face emoji)

    James: (middle finger emoji)

    Alice: (sad face, broken heart, crying emojis)

    Alice called an emergency meeting at The Planet with Kit, Shane, Dana and James. James was pissed when he arrived.

    “First of all, I didn’t know. I swear,” Alice said.

    “Didn’t know what,” Dana asked.

    “What’s going on?” Kit asked confused.

    “Yeah, Alice. Tell Kit what’s going on,” James said through gritted teeth.

    “Yeah, Alice. Spill it,” Shane said.

    They all looked at Alice. Waiting. Kit had her arms crossed. She figured it must have something to do with why her baby sister ending up having to stay with Tina.

    “Alice…what did you do?” Kit said with her head cocked and lips pursed.

    “Well, you know how James was sick so Bette had to go to Vancouver instead?” Alice swallowed.

    “Mmm…hmm” Kit grunted.

    “Well turns out, I sorta blackmailed him into pretending to be sick. And then..uh…here’s the funny part…really, it’s…hilarious,” Alice cleared her throat.

    “See, KiKi Smith…you know, the artist Bette is working with. Ummm…she figured out a way to hijack Bette’s hotel reservation,” Alice laughed nervously as she looked around the table.

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    1. I absolutely love this chapter. And the beginning is hysterical. I laughed out loud at the middle finger emojis. Poor James. I wanted to mention how much I like your writing style. You have a lot of talent. Alice trying to dig her way out is a case in point. And Kit’s lectures: “Pray. It’s already in motion. We can’t tell them now cuz it will blow up in all of y’all’s faces and they may never get back together. Keep your fingers crossed and pray. Oh and don’t do anything else to “help” them.” Kit used air quotes as she said the word help.” So well written. And of course the conversation between Bette and Tina via food. Very sensual. This is such a good story. So happy Bette left her door open.

      • Poor James is right. LOL! I adore how protective he is of Bette and I really like the brother/sister vibe he has with Alice.

        Thank you so much. This has been fun to write. I haven’t written anything this long ever. So it really is testing my writing abilities. That’s why some chapters take longer than others. It took me forever to get the part right last chapter about the flashback of why Bette wanted to break-up with Tina but I absolutely love how it turned out.

        Kit is the mother figure of the group. I’m glad she reprimanded them and I’m glad she gave them pie afterwards. LOL!

        Let’s see what happens with these doors.

    2. Very nice chapter…. so proud that Tina remained patient during the talks. They are progressing… it seems slow, but the fact that they could sit and be civil and enjoy a meal and do some talking is indeed progress. I had not realized that it had already been 5 months since Tina left for Vancouver. I am glad that Tina told Bette about her “offer” and request that she base in Vancouver. And I also like that she told Bill a definitive “no” – not going to happen. This should mean something to Bette when she thinks about it. Vancouver evidently was never going to be a permenant place for Tina to live. Too bad Tina left like she did. If she had taken the time to have a reasonable conversation about why she was going, they might not have the problems they are having at them moment. But what’s done is done. Tina is too impetuous for her own good. She needs to think things through and consider the ramifications of her major moves in her life. The fact that she does not trust Bette is a factor they need to work on as well. Bette has reason not to trust Tina. But Tina’s accusation of Bette cheating without some further evidence than catching her and Candace kissing and not getting an explanation and then leave town without notice for as long as a year? That is huge. But the fact that Tina has turned down a plum position in Vancouver should be a step in the direction of getting Bette back.

      This is really a rather nice story….. actually I love Kiki Smith. We should all have a Kiki Smith in our lives.

      Cannot wait to see how the rest of the week goes….

      • Me too. Tina is really trying. I think the inner dialogue helps too. That trust issue is tricky. They have a lot more talking to do especially about the miscarriage. And that is going to so emotional. Gives me chills just thinking about it.

        I’m glad you’re enjoying the story. Thank you so much for reading. And yes, KiKi is a hoot. She has more planned. Hopefully it doesn’t backfire.

    3. Again, your writing is amazing. I love these characters and how much you flesh them out. Your writing skills really provide a bigger/better sense of who these women are and how they relate (& related in the past).

      Thank you, I love the stories you create about my favorite couple!

    4. I love your story!

      Brilliant writing style, you have a real gift and i am happy you share that with us!

      The first page was so funny!

      The talk, Tina doing her best to give Bette the time and space but inwardly had to hold in, something she had a lot of trouble to do but she did it! Loved how Tina did the simple things she always did like putting the plate with small foods for Bette and for Bette remembering with fondness about it and a little more

      It’s a beginning and for Bette to shout out her wants but not being sure or love or hurt will win, it was honest to Tina.

      The last part gave me hope, the door is open to each other but Tina has to be patient and Bette be open about her feelings of hurt.

      “Tina turned and walked away down the hall. Bette watched her disappear into the room, leaving the door open. In the past when they were upset with each other and on the rare occasions slept in different bedrooms, they always left the door open. Bette explained to Tina one time after they’d made up that although they might be upset with each other, she hoped they’d never be closed off from each other and that was why she left the door open.

      Bette kept looking at the open door for a while before going to the extra room. Bette kept that door open too.”

      Look forward to read the next chapter!

    5. They’re doing a fine job of accepting the joyful, soulful friendship and sexual memories while admitting that the soul-hurt that Tina brought to their “lovers world” is still an over-powering memory.

      But! The door is OPEN for both of them. The foundation is being rebuilt . . . Slowly

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