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    The Idea of Space

    The remainder of the weekend was spent together as a family. That Saturday they had had breakfast together, lounged together, embarked on a rather long conversation regarding the past before New York, and Sunday was spent doing much the same. They cooked together as a family, peppering meals throughout a cascade of topics, some of which were hard to address while others were tales of the days when they were young – like things they did together, people they relied on, they shared a lot about Dana. Tina stayed at Bette’s and, in the evening, didn’t argue regarding the sleeping arrangements. What Tina had come to realize through that short 48 hour period was how similarly she and Bette had clung to various points in their on-again-off-again relationship. They really did have two entirely different perspectives on certain instances now that time had passed.

    Quite content just to listen, Angelica sometimes found herself letting her mother’s talk amongst themselves. She was always present, either sitting close to one or the other, though sometimes a question she asked led to unexpected places, sometimes she’d ask something about them and discovered that their individual recollections were vastly different, and then they would discuss it. They would work through it. They didn’t always agree but, because of the rules of the conversation they, themselves, had laid down at the start, the ’safe space’ rule in particular, managed to actually create a boundary. That, and, she was sure, her presence between them caused a bit of a buffer so that they would actually need to properly think before saying something because she would be there to hear it.

    Angie couldn’t be happier in those moments were it looked like all of a sudden one, or both, of them seemed to realize something which they hadn’t before. Apologies were offered and accepted, explanations to things were given and understood, and it was decided that Tina and Carrie would not be having an engagement party. At least, not one like Bette was attempting to throw.

    What it boiled down to, as Tina had discovered, was that Bette had tried mightily to express that everything was fine. Her way of doing so was by investing herself in the celebration, by offering to throw them their get together, in the the most sacred venue she could: Her home. Even though in her heart of hearts, Bette wanted nothing more than to avoid the situation all together, proving to Tina her loyalty and understanding overrode the desire to run in the opposite direction at the very mention of her engagement. And in that understanding Tina felt certain that she hardly deserved that kind of attention; that careful consideration. She hadn’t done much of late to warrant it.

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    1. Carrie is a strange bird….. “No time” for Tina…. well, better to find out before the wedding than after….

      Now, why did Tina stay at the Porter household for the weekend? Angie was dealing with stuff and she and Bette were going to do what? Angie has now revealed her feeling about her mother and Carrie and Tina has revealed that most of her decisions she made in recent years was in search of peace? And she hasn’t found it yet.

      Has anything changed for Angie, Tina or Bette with respect to their relationships with each other as a result of the weekend? Does Angie still believe that Tina’s primary concern in her life is herself? Does this weekend of friendly chatter change that? It appears that she enjoyed the weekend of being together…. but probably nothing has happened to change Angie’s view of her mother Tina. That is going to take a lot more.

      Thanks for the chapter….

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