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    Bette: Thanks, James. I can breathe now.

    James: that makes 2 of us. Lol

    Bette: Be sure to set the alarm. Check the cameras before you leave too, please.

    James: U got it

    Bette knew James had already double-checked the alarm and the cameras. And she knew he would check them again because she asked. Bette smiled and looked at AJ again.

    “Ms. Bette?” AJ said sleepily


    “I love you.”

    Bette inhaled. She looked at Adam through the rearview mirror. Adam smiled with his eyes. He saw her tears.

    “I love you too.”

    “Are you cwyin?”

    Bette chuckled.

    “Only a little bit.”

    “It’s okay. We all cwy.”

    AJ squeezed her hand and fell asleep. Bette allowed her thoughts to wander back to the woman she left in the apartment. The tears came faster. Bette rolled her eyes. Then squeezed them tightly to get the images of the blonde out of her mind. It didn’t work. She didn’t know what the fuck she was going to do. She replayed their conversation. The flashbacks came in fragments.

    “I am going to keep showing up. I am going to keep fighting for us. Until you understand I will not be careless with your heart ever again or until you tell me to leave you alone. Either way, I will respect your wishes. I love you that much. Do you hear me?”

    “Just because you love me doesn’t mean I feel loved by you.”

    Bette wanted to know what “keep showing up” meant to Tina.

    “I am going to keep showing up.”

    How could she show up for her, for them when she fucking fled to another country to get away from me, Bette rolled her eyes.

    “Julia suggested we try couple’s therapy. Not now. But maybe when you’re ready.”

    “We’d have to be a couple to go to couple’s therapy, right?”

    Bette wanted to hurt Tina’s feelings. She knew she succeeded by the look Tina gave her. She instantly regretted it and she wanted to pull her into her arms and tell her she didn’t mean it. Bette closed her eyes and leaned her head back. Images of Tina swirling around her mind made her dizzy. AJ adjusted his position at her movement and wrapped his arms around her waist. Bette opened her eyes and saw he was still fast asleep. Bette smoothed his hair and kept thinking about the blonde.


    1. Such a emotional rollercoaster for both of them!

      How is Tina going to show Bette in all forms that she loves her. The memory was so sweet and loving, Tina did take Bette for granted, how can she prove to Bette that she will love and cherish her forever and get her to trust her again? Because it isn’t about their love for each other, it’s the trust Bette lost in Tina when she walked away 6 months ago, walked away when Bette begged her on her knees to stay.

      I am looking forward to the next chapter!

      • That’s exactly it. The love is there. Bette knows that. She’s warring with herself internally because of the broken trust. It really is going to come down to if Bette can ever trust Tina again. Tina has got to make some major moves to show Bette and not just tell her. And that is going to be an interesting journey.

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