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    AJ saddled up to Bette in the backseat of the Suburban. Bette draped her arm around him and smiled. AJ looked up and smiled back. Bette could tell he was sleepy. AJ leaned into Bette and then finally put his head in her lap.

    “Ms. Bette?”

    “Yeah, AJ?”

    “Where are you going?”

    “I’m going back home to LA. Umm…California.”

    “In America?”

    “Yes,” Bette nodded at the little boy.

    “Oh,” AJ said sadly.

    Bette stroked his wispy hair.

    “When are you coming back?”

    Bette turned to look out the back window as the car drove slowly away from Tina. From the love of her life. From the woman who caused her so much pain and the woman who filled her soul with so much love. The extreme emotions battling inside of Bette. The same battle Bette had been tormented with since Tina left her on her knees after begging her to stay. Bette rolled her eyes and sighed.

    “I don’t know,” Bette whispered.

    She wasn’t sure if she’d ever come back to Vancouver. At least not anytime soon.

    “That makes me sad. I wish you didn’t have to go,” AJ said innocently.

    Adam watched the odd pair through the rearview mirror and he saw the sadness in Bette’s eyes and heard the sadness in his son’s voice.

    AJ’s words brought Bette back to the present. She smiled at him.

    “Welllllll….maybeeeee…youuuuu could come visit me one day,” Bette said playfully trying to cheer him up.



    “Did you hear that, Daddy?”

    “I sure did, Bud.”

    “Can we?”

    “Maybe. We’ll have to talk to Mommy about it.”

    “We’re gonna to talk to Mommy about it,” AJ relayed the message to Bette.

    “Okay,” Bette giggled.

    “Ohhh-kayyy.” AJ smiled.

    Bette’s phone notification dinged. As always, she hoped it was a message from Tina. But she knew it wouldn’t be. Tina would respect her wishes and not contact her. Bette rolled her eyes and checked her phone.

    James: Fred made it with the truck. Everything is secure.

    Bette exhaled. She didn’t realize she’d been holding her breath about KiKi’s art arrival until that moment. Bette checked her tracker app and sure enough, the truck was at her warehouse. She glanced down at AJ and his eyes were starting to flutter. He was trying his best to stay awake. Failing miserably. Bette sent James a quick text.


    1. Such a emotional rollercoaster for both of them!

      How is Tina going to show Bette in all forms that she loves her. The memory was so sweet and loving, Tina did take Bette for granted, how can she prove to Bette that she will love and cherish her forever and get her to trust her again? Because it isn’t about their love for each other, it’s the trust Bette lost in Tina when she walked away 6 months ago, walked away when Bette begged her on her knees to stay.

      I am looking forward to the next chapter!

      • That’s exactly it. The love is there. Bette knows that. She’s warring with herself internally because of the broken trust. It really is going to come down to if Bette can ever trust Tina again. Tina has got to make some major moves to show Bette and not just tell her. And that is going to be an interesting journey.

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