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    The Most Distance Course


    Chapter 12 Justine Cooper


    “Hey, Bette.”


    “Can you promise me one thing?”

    “Yeah, no problem, what do you want me to do?”

    “Promise me in the near future, if you become a detective or justice, you will always believe that I am not pure evil, I’m same ugly, boring school girl no matter what, those bad things I do, are not what I want to but I have to…do you understand me?”

    “I don’t know what you are talking about…”

    “Just promise me!”

    “Fine, yes, I promise.” I raise my hand. “But before that, can you please tell me why you are telling me this?”

    Tina smiles sadly. “You will know when it is the time.”


    “This is your room, Ms.”

    A lady servant shows Bette a large chamber, the place is huge, contain a small living room, dining place, study room, small library with language books, a small kitchen, big bedroom with king-size bed and a closet, there are even double bathrooms just for Bette, this place is perhaps larger than a normal family. Her luggage is already settled on the floor of the living room, her lunch is prepared on the dining room, the stake looks delicious, and there is smoke coming up from the soup.

    “Jesus Christ…” Bette is stunned by the furniture’s delicate material, the candlesticks are made by real silver, statues are original works from the artist, this is even better than Bette’s own house. “This is crazy…”

    “Don’t worry, you are not the first to have those reflections.”

    The lady servant says, Bette slightly frowns.

    “What do you mean I’m not the first?”

    “You really believe that you’re the first person to get this job?”

    “You mean there are other accountants here?”

    “No, just you.” The girl says as she passes some towels to Bette. “This is all yours, call me if you need everything, just use the phone on the table and I will come, feel free to use everything in the room, the dinner will be served in six. After that, I will take you to meet Ms. Cooper.”

    After she finishes talking, she slightly nods to Bette and turns around ready to leave.

    “Wait.” Bette says.”

    The girl stops immediately, she politely makes a small smile to Bette.

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    1. Author

      Guys, chill, there’s more to them than meets the eyes. Sometimes, people don’t have a choice to do what they don’t like.

      As for the losing five years, I will reveal in the chapter…later on. XDD Please! Be patient about it, I’m already working on it and I guarantee you that I will make a proper explanation about the missing five years.

      Wow, never thought I would write this long this time, maybe I was also excited about Tibette’s meeting. XDD

      Thank you for all your comments, sometimes read others reply was more interesting than writing…anyways, hope you guys can keep supporting this story. If you like it please press the score button and comment it. Love you all.


    2. Hi CJ:

      That was very intense, very strong; it was hard for both of them realizing that after five years each of them is ending on the other side, indeed on the opposite side of the other.

      Tina probably had to do what she did, as you said, to survive, and Bette may feel remorse for what she did to her, and perhaps some of her actions five years ago contributed to lead Tina to become in Justine Cooper.

      But both are still young, and I think, there are hopes for Tina to change her life and destiny and for Bette to make up for her past bad deeds to Tina.

      Great story CJ, eagerly waiting the next chapter.


    3. I am really enjoying this. There is much intrigue and Bette does not know what fate will be delivered to her by Tina. Tina is hardened and bitter by her past but will Bette get through to her. I have my suspicions about Sam but that will come out too. I think that you are doing a great job in weaving this story and. am sure Bette and Tina are in for a wild ride. Thanks so much for this wonderful story👍🏻🥰

    4. Thanks for the great chapter!

      I really don’t understand why Bette stopped to hold on to her first story about accountist and made up about journalism. Tina seems so cold, but under the mask there is something left from school girl, and i like she want to protect Bette. But what the game she want to start? I guess we might find it in the future.

      Waiting for the next update!

    5. Wow, Ok quite a story.
      I await your next post and will try to be patient for the continuing drama to be revealed.
      Please bring back the lovely Tina and have Bette with her.
      Thanks for the post

    6. y on earth would Bette think that Tina would be “glad” to see her? Even for a second??? I, I, I pretty much is the first out of her mouth!! Bette still believes every moment is about Bette! Surely I’m missing the point right?????

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