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    The Most Distance Course

    Chapter 13 First impression


    Bette leaves the room with her heart sank into the very bottom, although she knows she has work to do, she doesn’t want to go back to her cold, empty room.

    Walking down in the long hall of the mansion, Tina’s words flash through her mind, again and again, like the sound of the explosion in the war, loud and unstoppable.

    Yes, she believes that years can change people, and yeas, she knew how Tina has hurt five years ago when she disappeared. But is it really possible that time can twists personality and completely change a knowing person into a stranger?

    Unconsciously, she walks out the mansion into the pile of secret houses.

    It’s over the midnight, the light is bright enough for her to find her way, so she keeps walking, totally forgot the rules of wandering around. She did know that there is a curfew during this time, but unable to hold back the curiosity, she really wants to know what those people are doing in these small structures.

    Sneaking from houses to houses, Bette finds nothing but several locked door and complete dark window, she tried to use the technic she learned from the police school but didn’t work, the locker seems to need several items to open it, she wonders if Tina use the same way as hers to unlock the locker in school five years ago.

    Bette decides to call it a day, there is no use keep trying to break into the house, it will only cause the alarm. She turns, ready to head back to the mansion…

    Then she notices that she’s being followed.

    It’s taken her a while to make sure where the stalker is, after she pretending to take a turn in the small corner, she does find out that there is a shadow following behind her. Bette did hear some strange noise, but she doesn’t sure what it is.

    So she acts normal, making fake turns and stop unexpectedly. When she finally turns to see where the noise comes from, a strong hand grabs her throat and push her into a dark corner. Bette tries to escape, but the person holds her firmly, more and more pressure put onto her throat.

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    1. Author:

      Hey guy, please don’t hate me about what happened last week, as you can see something is happening and Tina has to do something to protect Bette. Here is some spoiler…before they start their real conversation, a huge incident is going to happen, some of the hints will be in the story, well…if you can find it. XDD
      Thank you for all your comment, I did really read it and I really really want to reply to you all! Just busy as hell, not complaining but sometimes the application affairs for the U.S graduate program can be really frustrating…XDD
      Anyway, thanks again and hope you like the new chapter. Like it, comment it and tell me your opinion about it.
      Love you all.


    2. Hi CJ:

      Wonderful chapter, so, Tina has her own plan and her own group inside this criminal organization.
      Does Tina know something else about Bette? I mean, besides what Bette told her.
      Is Tina trying to make a coup or is she trying to break the organization? Is she sending Bette far away to protect her?
      Well, anyway, we will know soon in the next chapters.
      Thanks for the update, waiting for the next one.


      • Hi Proteonomics:

        Tina certainly knows something, and Bette…well, you will find out in the next chapter, it will be no fun to answer all the questions now.
        Thanks for your supporting by the way! Always looking forward to seeing your comment for the new chapter.


    3. Thanks for another chapter!

      Ohh Bette, Bette – are you really police officer? Or maybe accountant your true role? Because you so physically and morale weak – nothing had change for 5 years. Bette still allow all other persons dominante ner – Adele, Tina, Shane, Jodie. How she can protect other persons like police officer, if she can’t protect herself?

      Waiting for the next!

      • Hi Zhenya:

        Bette is a detective, her brain is more functioning than her physical strength, she has her own way to protect Tina, just…have to survive till then.
        Tina is not actually dying dying, I mentioned in the story, she needs to rest, but thanks for asking.
        And please, if I didn’t post my story on time, please feel free to send me a message, I did set an alarm but I always turned it off unconsciously haha.


      • Hi AReader:

        I want to apologize that I didn’t have time replying your comments,
        thank you by the way, for liking my story.
        And here is another spoiler for you guy…
        No, Tina is not L, it will be too obvious if she is.
        Thanks again for the comment, hope to see you next week.


    4. Bette needs to show she is a strong, mental and physically, woman, as a undercover she has to be carefull but she just lets everything happen,

      Is her feelings of guilt that big that she wants to die?

      Jodie is a horrible bitch, i hope she overdose on drugs.

      Tina aka Justine, wonder what her plan is, if she has a illness that is going to kill her, i don’t think she is planning to take over the organisation but is going to blow it up. Maybe she is L.

      Please don’t let Tina die, i need a happy Tibette ending after all the drama that is sure to come.

      • Hi Bibi28:

        Love to see your comment, always straight to the point and meaningful.
        I believe Bette’s brain function better than her body, she’s good at coming up ideas and observe, fighting is not her specialty, she is a detective before, only do more brain works. And if she’s really good at fighting, her fade id as an accountant will be exposed.
        Jodi…Jodi…dislike her also, I’m also wondering why she hasn’t lost her brain activity.
        Okay, spoiler again, Tina is not L, and definitely not Bette, so the suspect reduces two people.
        As for Tina’s future…I believe you don’t want to know it now so I’ll just save it for myself. XDD
        Looking forward to your great comment next week, thanks a lot!


        • Hi CJ,

          Thank you for always making time to respond!!!

          About this quote” for Tina’s future…I believe you don’t want to know it now so I’ll just save it for myself. XDD.”

          I would love to know it now, please feel free to PM me!!! It will settle my mind and spares me a overactive mind which disturbe my well needed sleep.😉

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