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    The Most Distance Course

    Tina says nothing, she plays with the burning wood in the fireplace, Sam’s appearance is entirely within reach of her sight.

    “She should have,” Tina says silently. “Bette Porter must notice this is not school anymore, any wrong decision can cause harm. Good thing is that I haven’t misestimated her, she did prove her value. Apparently, though being tormented by the FBI, she still maintains her intelligence…”

    Sam nods. “Indeed.”

    “And the others?”

    “All four of them are clean, Tokyo, Taipei, Seoul, and Beijing police forces showed no big movement, the locations they locked have no trace of intrusion, according to the Chinese, no phone signal uttered when the deal was making, we can exclude their suspicions.”

    Tina nods, she lights up a cigarette and sucks the full mouth of smoke, she comfortably spits it out. The chemical gas and the high temperature of the hot tea make her discomfort temporarily release.

    “FBI will be so pissed.” Sam says while making a new pot of tea.

    “Sure, they will.”

    “And Tom?”

    “He’s none of our issues now, Sebastian Cooper has already conveyed his greeting to them, the person like Tom Mater usually find their way to the guillotine, anyone who has a brain knows whoever mess out with the Triad will get hurt. But he deserves it, after all, who told him to provoke the drug master of China?”

    Tina picks up the king of club on the table, says wistfully.

    ”If he and Jodie weren’t so eagerly planning to replace me, he wouldn’t have to be the first.”

    With her fingers twisting deftly, the card wanders around in her hand as if it was dancing.

    Sam looks silently at Tina, she slightly frowns.

    “Thanks to “L”, giving us the chance to find out who these people are and the true identity of Bette Porter, or the plan won’t go so smoothly.” Sam takes up a piece of drawing on the desk. “Those five people you assigned to make the deal, including Bette, they are the lists of people ”L” provided to us, all of them once had contact with the police, if they really are the undercover, they will send the operation signal to the police…”

    Tina only looks at the drawing, without saying a word.

    “What if they did send it? Wouldn’t the squad team break into our property?” Sam asks, she carefully puts the drawing in a folder.

    “They will find nothing but an empty warehouse. In the end, they will find out they’re just wasting their time.” Tina says emotionlessly.

    “But what if the police did trace that phone signal and quickly discover they were actually on a boat, aren’t we busted?”

    ”No one except the Chinese and tour pilot knew they are actually in Shanghai. Furthermore, what can the police do it’s just a typical gangster meeting? No money, no product, only some paper with the business number, they cannot do anything even if they really find the boat.”

    Tina stands up, slowly walks to the fireplace.

    ”Maybe the FBI or local police will charge them as illegally carrying heavy weapons, but all the guns are registered under China government, with no proof of them firing it, they have no right to arrest them.

    ”But I thought the goods…”

    “The half of the products we promised were already safely transacted in Hong Kong, Triad’s Headquarters.” Tina smiles. “The more dangerous the place is, the safer the place is, police never learn that.”

    Her clever fingers playing with the card, with a blink of an eye, the card disappear in her hand and reappear in somewhere else, the king of club helplessly wraps around her delicate fingers.

    “So…what now?” Sam asks.

    “Building a new relationship with the Gang in China, create a new trading network, rebuilt the American cocaine Multinational market, we will let those Southeast Asia countries understand who the real Cocaine Master is.”

    Tina coldly says, right before she throws the card in the fireplace, a sudden phone ring interrupts her thought, Tina furrows her eyebrows and looks at her watch, Bette and rest of others should be getting the money right now, they shouldn’t have time to make any calls.

    Sam immediately picks up, it’s Shane.

    “Ma’am, we have a situation.”




    1. Ok, so what can i say

      First – i don’t like Sam – seems in the future will be problem with her.
      Second – Tina too deep in the criminal world. Maybe she’s not killing people, selling druds and etc by own hands, but she taking orders to do that. And for me it’s even worse.
      Third – i don’t like that Bette helps to sell even more drugs sealing deal with chinese.

      I love Tibette but if in the end Bette will have to choose – be with Tina and become criminal like her or on law side – i would like that she chose law.

      Waiting for the next!

    2. Hi!

      I have not good feeling about Tina’s plan because she practicaly sent Bette in the trap. What if Bette can’t reach agreement with chinese boss? Tina can’t be sure she can. Than basically they all would killed by chinese.

      Thank you for the update and i hope you feeling well!

    3. Hi Angel1981:

      Apparently, Wang had made an agreement with Tina before all of it, the letter, what Tina was reading was the letter written by Wang, it’s there deal. They knew about the plan to replace the drug lord and ferret out the undercover. If Bette didn’t show up, Shane will do the work, that’s why Shane asked Bette about how her work progress. Basically, Chinese gangsters won’t kill people in the business deal easily unless they offend them badly, especially the big group like Triad.
      Thanks for your comments and hope you like it.

    4. Hi CJ:

      Okay, let me see if I am understanding what it is in this thriller chapter :

      Tina or JC knows already that Bette is police working with the FBI.

      Sam and Shane are in Tina’s side and Sam partially knows Tina’s plans.

      ‘L’ has been captured (or is allied) of Tina, because Sam mentioned, ‘thanks to L giving us the chance to find out who these people are and the true identity of Bette Porter’; does that means that the others traveling with Bette and Shane are also related to the FBI?

      Apparently, this was Tina’s plot to rid of Tom, right?

      I’m not sure, but being as smart as she is I doubt Tina is telling every point of her plan to Sam.

      Fantastic; waiting for the next one.



    5. Hi Zhenya:

      Thanks for the comment.
      As you can see, this is a part of the plan, I’ve implanted lots of clues in it, which will tell you what is going to happen next. And of course, I will explain what Tina is plotting, maybe three or two weeks later.
      Personally, I believe Bette didn’t want to be a criminal also, but sometimes, being in that kind of situation, committing a crime is the only way to survive.
      Love your loyalty for Tibette, don’t worry, the truth will reveal very soon.

    6. Hi proteonomics:
      L has not been caught, he is a two-sided character in the organization. He is an undercover but also providing Tina the information from the cops. Those people who went to the business trip were not the FBIs’ but they did have the record working with the police.
      Yes, Tina’s plan to kill Tom, in my word, is murder a person with a borrowed knife.
      Sam is an interesting person in this story, I will mention it in the other chapter.

    7. Hi CJ,

      Very interesting chapter!

      You already answered some questions the others brought up, so i am gonna wait for the next chapter.

      I really love this story!!!

      I hope you feel better soon!

    8. Great story and thanks for writing. Hope you are better. I hope I don’thave to wait until my next birthday before Tina and Bette make their relationship less formal and no business!

    9. could be way wrong, but I think Justine(Tina) is in the biz to bring down her murderous, whimp of a dad! We were 1st introduced to Tina as a petrified 5yr old who watched her Mother blown to smitherines by a ruthless FBI agent and the stew kicked out of her by the same. That same asshole cursed her and said she was “just like father”, remember that? Anyway, Gangster dad ran to save his own ass. We later see Tina as a tender-hearted teenager who did her best to protect the Aunt who took her in. She went out of herway to mind her own business and just get thru high school. After the humiliation and betrayal of trust by Bette and her hateful, phony friends, Tina was once again thrust into a kill or die world. I totally understand the unemotional, cold heart that Tina now has. Still think she is working with the mystery man L. Hmmm remember the kind-hearted FBI agent that tried to protect little Tina? Finally, when Bette found “herself” only moments from CERTAIN execution by gangster Wang, she used all the knowledge&skills she had to talk her way out!!!! She had NOT set out to replace drug lord Tom Maynard but essentially that’s what happened!!! Hmmmmm Tina teaching her a lesson???? Or cleverly drawing her into the inner circle so perhaps she can reveal more??? Wonder if Bette will learn that she doesn’t and isn’t suppose to have all the answers

      • Hi DumplinT:

        Wow! Thanks for summing that up! I was so grateful you read my story well!
        As for your comment, I have to say, this is not the original crime story just like you said, everything happened was part of the plan, I won’t tell too much to ruin the surprise later on. But indeed, Bette truly found herself in this business, but no, Tina didn’t teach her a lesson, but she did let Bette take the place for some reason.
        I hope you like this story, and thanks again for your comment. Hope to see you next week, your comment really does help and give me the courage to keep writing.

    10. Well this story really keeps the Writer on her toes!
      In no way can it be termed ‘light reading’!
      I almost love the Comments as much as the posts!
      My love of Tibette makes me anxious at times but I will keep the faith. I cannot believe that Tina is as bad as she seems and await the reveal of her true identity. I also wait for Bette to get stronger.
      Anyway this is not my Story it’s your’s and I love reading it. I await, with bated breath, the next post.
      Sorry you’ve been ill and trust you are recovered.
      Please post soon.

      • Hi SassyGran:

        I am sorry to let you feel this way, it not my intention to make the reader have those feelings.
        I love Tibette very much, and please have faith that everything will be in the right way, Tina has to do this thing for the proper reason, I will explain it.
        As for the hard to read story, I believe all sufferings have their reward, and something can go on while developing their love.
        Thanks for the comment and hope to see you next week!

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