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    The Most Distant Course

    “You were quick to decide she was the killer,” Sam snorts. “And you won’t consider anything else, plenty of people capable to do such things.”

    “Then who was it?”

    Sam rolls her eyes. “Isn’t that obvious? There’s only one person who has the same body figure as Tina, anyone can wear a wig, she didn’t even need to wear one!”

    Bette frowns. “Jodi?”

    “Thank god, you finally realize!” Sam raises her hands in the air. “So much for a detective like you, couldn’t notice such thing.”

    Bette sneers. “You are just guessing, aren’t you? You’re not even sure whether you are right or wrong”

    Sam’s mouth twists a little while her face twitches a bit, Bette knows she’s right. “Whatever you say, I keep the same words, Tina will never do such thing, that’s why she is behind Jodi and Henry in my list of suspects.”

    “That makes no sense! Why did she or Henry Young want to do such thing? Eric’s death wouldn’t make any profits for them, they supposed to become a unite.”

    “And so was Tina, Porter.” Sam shakes her head. “I couldn’t figure it out, also. During this time, Henry, Eric, and Jodie should be teamed up to face Tina. Eric’s death shocked me, for a short while I also thought it was Tina who did this, but the killing method was so rough and cruel, Tina will never let that happen.”

    Bette raises her eyebrows. “I thought you knew her every plan.”

    “I’ve only known a small part, no one know what’s she’s thinking, Porter. After Carmen’s death, I have no idea what game she is playing and which step she’s making. She trusts nobody, which I couldn’t blame her.”

    Bette rubs her hair in frustration.

    “This is a fucking mess.”

    “The first time you step in this mansion, it’s already a mess.” Sam says coldly.

    “If you hate me so, why didn’t you just kill me? You have plenty of chance to do so.”

    “Not bad, Porter, you do know I hate you,” Sam sneers. “Even if I don’t like you, I won’t fail to live up to my principles.”

    “Which is?” Bette asks coldly.

    “You’ll see.” Sam says quietly, she walks to the door. “Go to sleep, tomorrow will be a tough day.”


    1. Hi CJ,

      You better promise that things will turn well later on!!!!

      The teaser at the end have me very worried about Bette.

      Ugh Jodi and Henry, i hate them, trying to put Tina as the one who killed Eric, i truly hope that at the end they got what they deserve, a slow and painful death.

      Bette is willing to save Tina at most cost, with her life.

      When this is all over i wish them a happy life and CJ, i have to trust you to make this possible!

      Please update asap, the suspense is killing me!

    2. Hi CJ:

      Very good chapter, finally Bette is becoming strong and smart.

      How could she doubt Tina after hearing Jodie telling all those lies?

      It’s good that she is taking the lead of Tina’s people, I think Sam and Tasha are following her.

      Bette should bring to the meeting the pictures that Jodie gave her where Tina is in Henry’s house, and also the picture the police has, where is showing the blonde that came to visit Eric right before his death, so she could expose Jodie.

      I have no idea how they are going to flee from the mansion I guess is going to be a very tight escape having the FBI and the law forces outside.

      However, my idea of a “good escape” is to make it as clean as possible, which means, without a criminal load on them. Unfortunately, one of the highest criminals here is Aaron, the FBI head, and legally will be very hard to exonerate Tina, Sam, Tasha, and even Bette. At least if you have a hidden card in your sleeve, which you may have if my calculations aren’t wrong.

      But JC, this is your story and it’s great. Thanks for the wonderful chapter, pps.


    3. Thank you for the chapter, but i really don’t follow some of the lines. How the Jodie can interrogate Tina in front of her father when on the last meeting about Carmen she lost his trust?

    4. My liking for Tina makes it a difficult read.
      I am a little disappointed in Bette’s Character and wish her stronger and more determined to believe and help Tina.
      Like Zhenya I find some aspects difficult to believe regarding Jodie and her father but then again I hate Jodie!
      Look forward to your next post and hopefully the Course will become less difficult for B&T

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