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    The Most Distant Course



    A few months ago, two days after the attack.

    Aaron Kornbluth looked around the room, by the furnish and decorate of the furniture and others, due to that none of the other room in this mansion was as well-organized as this, he immediately recognized that this room supposed to belong to a woman…the brilliant counselor of the Cooper organization, the infamous Justine Cooper, he believed.

    Everything seemed so usual, so normal like others, somehow there’s a weird feeling that all of these were not as simple as it was. It’s a scene, a planned scene, that the owner was already knowing that he will come…or even waiting for him to come…

    “Who are you…Justine Cooper?” He muttered to no one.

    Walked into the main study room, Aaron Kornbluth’s eyebrows immediately frowns deeply.

    A deck of cards was lying on the middle of the main desk, in the most conspicuous place.

    The commander of the FBI held his breath, stepped close to the desk, made sure that there’s no trap or anything dangerous, he slowly picked up that deck of card.

    When he picked up that deck of cards, a small note flew out and fell on the table.

    With the raising eyebrow, he restrained himself for peeping on the note. First opening the box, the poker cards fell out onto the desk, it’s seemed that some of the cards were missing.

    The man took up the note which has beautiful handwriting on it, his eyes opened when he saw what was written inside.


    Did you miss me? Mr. Aaron Kornbluth?  J.C



    Alec Benjamin – Let Me Down Slowly (feat. Alessia Cara)





    Teaser for next chapter:

    The detective says angrily while washes her hand off the champagne and wine, she’s already frustrated about the tedious party, and now this. Really push her temper onto the edge, very close to going crazy.

    “I’m so sorry…” The waitress says, she quickly takes out a clean towel, intends to help her. But Bette only angrily yanks her hand away.

    “Don’t touch me!” Bette says bitterly, while she glares at the woman annoyingly. “Don’t you ever…”

    The other half of the words stuck in the detective’s mouth cannot come out, like being clogged up by something.

    Bette’s eyebrows slowly from, her eyes open wide. Cannot refrain her shocked, she unconsciously staggers back a bit.

    Taking a very deep breath, her eyes still wide open. As if something sticks in her throat, Bette tries hard to swallow down the air.

    The woman closes her eyes, her lips are trembling, but she hides it well.

    “You…” Almost like a whisper, Bette finally bursts out a word.

    Even the hair isn’t the same color, it is the face…that continuously came up in her dream…bothered her every day the past three years…the one she’s been craving for…the most beautiful face she can never forget.

    “You…you are…”

    No, no…it cannot be possible…





    1. Crystal J.H says

      Wow…I didn’t know that the previous chapter would bring up so many comments. First of all, I’m going to say sorry to all the readers about the title, it’s not a good one and misled most of you guy to think that this was the last chapter. No, I will not end in this way, and I promise you guys to give you a proper ending.
      And for those who gave up this story, I just want to say that thank you for supporting this story before and I’m sad to hear that my story upset you. Most of the writers on the Lesfan are unprofessional and were probably just writing for fun or for other sake. But there’s no doubt that we all love Tibette and we want to make these amazingly beautiful relationship continue. I believe that no matter what happened to them, Bette and Tina always belong together, as long as we have fate for them.
      As for the previous chapter, there were two reasons that I wrote in that way, first was that my friend read the story and probably due to my poor English and lack of choice of words, they felt bored and unable to read the rest of it, so I’ve decided to change the writing style. And for other reason, I didn’t want to waste time writing about the details about what happened in the Cooper mansion, I think it’s time to make a closure and slowly bring the normal life back to the characters.
      Thank you for spending such a long time to read this note, and for those who always and still support this story, I appreciate so much, it was all of you to keep me writing and decide to go on finish the story.
      Any comment or message help the writers to maintain the passion to write.
      I hope you like this chapter.


    2. Bibi28 says

      Hi CJ,

      Thanks for your note on explaining. I think it isn’t nessecary, it is your story and i truly enjoy it and am very happy that you put your self out as a author and try to entertain us Tibette lovers. The most important is that you keep having fun to continue to write.

      Everyone is allowed to give their opinion, but i very much dislike how some of them comment. We should encourage you and other writers and thank all of you that you are trying to keep Tibette alive after so many years. If you don’t like a story, why bother to read it and make negative comments.

      Ok, this are my thoughts about it.

      About the chapter, it cleared some questions and still many more to answer. My heart breaks for Bette, the reason why Tina shut her out and pushed her away after the fall down of Cooper Mansion, i can certainly understand, but still, Bette is suffering and not moving on.

      Glad to see Carmen and Shane happy married and a beautiful child.

      The teaser at the end has me excited!!! Finally after three years the meet again!

      Looking forward to the next chapter!!!

      Thank you so much for this story!!!

    3. proteonomics says

      Hi CJ:

      Very nice chapter, it fills my few questions about what happened with Tina and what was life for Shane and Carmen.

      This chapter also confirmed my suspicions about Aaron, I always thought he was a dirty agent, and he got his part of the cake from Cooper.

      I’m still thinking of James, the other FBI agent who was very nice with Tina when she was a little child, maybe he is somewhere in this story.

      Now we also know about Sam’s secret, so sad for Tina, suffering all her life, just for being the daughter of that son of a bitch of Sebastian Cooper.

      I’m still waiting to know what happened to Kelly after she lost the money. And to Adele, after her father killed himself.

      I think the story is very good and promises more, Tina has disappeared, but not forever, I think she is looking into solving her business, by the moment.

      I think your story is very good, your style is original; and as many of us, (for whom English is not our native language), sometimes is hard to write, even when we love to do so; besides we are not professional writers, some of us write from our hearts, and I know that you do it. But we learn from our mistakes (at least in my case) I am used to taking the comments (nice or harsh) as feedback, to improve my writing style and even my type of stories. I like to think that we all come from different backgrounds but we all respect each other. So, don’t stop writing, please, I hope to read more stories from you, my friend


    4. JBLH says

      Hi CJ,

      I am terribly sorry if there was any confusion on my last comment to how I felt about this story. I just wanted to say how thankful I am that you put your writing out there and have been continually sharing this amazing story with us. I am 100% hooked and with this story until the very end!

      You’ve answered a lot of the questions that were running through my mind and although I still have more, I have faith that all will be revealed in good time as it goes with great story-telling.

      Thank you so much for continuing this story and I can’t wait to see how these two will reunite! PPS!

    5. BAT2012 says

      Hi CJ – I’m so glad you decided to come back and continue this story. Thank you for your message and for the new chapter. Don’t be discouraged, you are doing a great job and telling a compelling story with a lot of intrigue. This chapter certainly filled in the blanks on how Bette and Tina were separated and why Bette doesn’t know where Tina is. As I said in my previous comment, I think Tina is recovering and taking care of unfinished business. Your little teaser gives us hope that although it took many years hopefully she is back and they can safely be together. I do worry however, about how Bette managed in those years of separation. It didn’t appear that she was handling her own recovery too well. Hopefully she stayed in touch with Shane and Carmen and was able to get comfort and support from them since she couldn’t share her trauma with her other friends, and she certainly couldn’t trust any of her FBI or Police colleagues. Looking forward to the next installment.

    6. Angel1981 says

      Thank you for the update!

      But i don’t understand how much time goes between now and when Tina left Bette in the tunnel.
      And second – always fun to read how skinny and androgen Shane in your story always trying to kick Bette ass, who much more physically stronger than her. For me it’s too hard to imagine

      Waiting for the next chapter than!

    7. SassyGran says

      Thanks for coming back and clarifying some of those outstanding points.

      The teaser makes me look forward to the next post and hopefully more explanation on this most distance course.

      Thanks again for posting and please keep writing – you cannot please all of the readers all of the time you know.


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