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    The Most Distant Course


    Suddenly, Bette stands up too quickly almost yanks Tina backward and makes her fall to the ground, the blonde stagger back to the couch, breathless for a moment. She looks at the brunette in concern, expecting to see hate and resent, but what she sees from her ex-lover are remorse and anger, guilt mostly.


    “No! You have no right to call my name! I trusted you and I’ve made my promise, why did you have to leave me like that?”

    Bette is outraging, seeing Tina, shows no different expression than before, she becomes even more furious.

    “I don’t deserve to be treated like that!”

    Tina sighs, her voice stays calm and soft.

    “Of course you don’t.”

    “Then what the hell! Tina! Fuck! For christ sake, why?”

    The blonde struggle to stand up from the floor, she pats on her pants.

    “I didn’t want to but I have to…I know it’s unfair for you but I have to do it…”

    “Oh, really? You have to do it?” Bette laughs bitterly. “You knew what you have to do and you still wouldn’t tell me? Again? You must be fucking kidding me? After I took a bullet for you? You still didn’t believe me?”

    “I cannot showed up to the world with you, you knew it.” Tina sounds quiet and piece.

    “That’s bullshit! After all you did to take down the mansion, you have plenty of reason to prove you are not a criminal…”

    “You knew the world is not a dream factory, Bette, even if I escaped, and being proved that I have helped the collapse of the Cooper organization, the FBI would still regard me as a criminal.”

    “They wouldn’t! I could help you prove that…”

    “And what would happen next? They would investigate my past, find out about my true identity, or so, notice that I was the daughter of Sebastian Cooper, the great boss of the world criminal empire, then what? Do you honestly believe that they would just let me go simply because you have back on me? I don’t think Aaron Kornbluth would miss the opportunity to find out more.”

    “But they are not in the mansion, since you use the name Tina Kennard, they cannot do anything to you…”


    1. Hi CJ,

      What a great way to start my weekend! A new chapter from you!

      Finally after three years they are back in each other arms!

      I will hold you to this last words:

      “This time no doubt they don’t want to be parted again, holding each other, they are ready to face any upcoming obstacles.”

      Quite a surprise that Tina adopted a son, and what a beautiful name: Noah.

      Tina has a heart of gold and the choice she made shows that, but i wish she could have told Bette about it and let her know she was still alive. Bette would still be heartbroken, but would know that she was allright.

      Hmm, didn’t Bette have a postcard or something else that gave a clue how to find her?

      I am ready for both to team up again and bring justice and nail those bastards who are still alive and hiding and it would be a joy when they expose Aaron’s part in it all.

      Looking forward to the next chapter! Have a wonderful weekend!

    2. Thank you for posting this story. Been missing this story these last past 2 weeks. So glad that our heroines are back together.
      I really want to know what’s up with Adele. I know that her father is dead but still I have no clue of her well being. Hope that u can share some stories of her in the near future.
      And lets kick Aaron’s ass next!

    3. Hi, CJ
      Very nice chapter, finally Bette and Tina see each other after three years.

      Nice to know that they both still love each other, even when Bette has a girlfriend and Tina has been taking care of her adopted son.

      Tina still has a bit long way to finish her work (vendetta) and who knows what other problems they both will face in the future.

      But now, for me is clear that Aaron was an accomplice of Sebastian Cooper and maybe there are more bad guys infiltrated in the side of the law.

      Well, I hope that you’ll post soon the next chapter, we are anxious to know what else will happen.

      Thank you for the marvelous update and pps.


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