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    The Most Distant Course

    With no sudden move, Tina slowly walks to the counter and asks the bartender for a glass of water, smoothly, she swipes down the napkins on the bar counter. 

    Without being suspected, she kneels down and pretends she’s just picking the napkins, while she’s actually observing the surroundings. 

    Everything seems normal, the customers are all eating and chatting like previously, no one acts strangely, except a black car parking outside the cafe.

    There is a man, who’s wearing black suits, black tie, black everything…he stands behind the car, not even hiding, looking directly at her direction. 

    The blonde slightly frowns, slowly stands up with napkins in her hand, she looks back at the man, his face is damn cold.

    Yes, a new game is on, this is not a threat, it’s a warning.

    Watching the man no more than a few seconds, Tina knows the purpose of the visit of the unwelcome man.

    “T?” Bette’s voice shows up behind her. “Are you alright?”

    Tina turns to her lover, forcing a smile.


    “Baby, Kit will take our dinner to Dana’s place, we can go first, do you want to take my car?”

    “Sure, why not.”

    “Okay, I’ll go get my stuff then we can go.”

    Bette pecks on Tina’s lip, and she walks back to Kit’s office.

    Tina watches her lover disappearing in the room, then turns back, but the man and the black car are no longer there.

    “Ms. Kennard?”

    Someone calls out next to her; the blonde slightly turns her body. It is a working waitress in the cafe who she doesn’t know when she walks over to her, hand holding a white envelope.

    “I am.” Tina replies to the waitress.

    “This is from the man outside; he said to give this to you directly.”

    “Thank you.”

    Once the item is in her hand, Tina doesn’t hesitate to open it.

    Inside the white envelope is a piece of paper with a short note, and a playing card with no suit and no number, a blank card. 

    Tina’s hazel eyes turn black when she read the message, an extreme somber appearance appears on her face, it was the same expression when she went to meet William Channing, the dead chief of police. 

    Her fingers playing with the card like the old time. She taps her fingers, in a blink of an eye, the card disappears into nowhere.

    “Baby, I’m ready, are you ready to go?”

    “Yeah.” Tina says to Bette, she’s smiling, but her dark eyes show no happiness at all.

    The detective senses the sudden mood change, also seeing the paper and the envelope on her girlfriend’s hand, she realizes what happens in an instant.

    “It’s on?”

    Tina nods, she hands Bette the paper, the brunette takes only a second to read the information inside, she swallows a lump into her throat, eyebrows furrow deeply, clearly a bit nervous.

    Looking at her lover, who seems so calm and easy about it, the detective can’t help but gasp in her mind in admiration. 

    “You okay?”

    “As long as you stay with me.” The blonde whispers.

    Bette takes Tina’s hand into hers.


    They walk out the Planet simultaneously, fingers interlock, behind them like the burning cigarette, is that envelop and the piece of paper. By the power of fire, it’s all turned into ashes.

    Before they get in the car, they can still see a small part of the message on the paper. 

    There is no word, no vocabulary on the paper, instead, it was a childish drawing using crayons to draw out a picture of green grass. The very same one in which Carmen de la Pica Morales used to send the message to Justine Cooper, only without the sun and the ground but the grass. 

    The grass, the Morse code.

    When Bette’s car drives out the parking spot of the Planet, the last piece of paper is complete burns into dust, flying into the sky when the wind blows up, the picture carries the Morse code disappear into the air, with the message that only two women knew…

    ..-. .- -.– .     -… ..- -.-. -.- .-.. . -.–     …. .- … .— — .. -. . -..     – …. . –. .- — .

    (Faye Buckley has joined the game)





    1. Hi CJ,

      That was a incredible update!!!!

      Bette is so cute and so happy that she has Tina back!!!

      I had to laugh very hard when i read this:

      “Wiping her last tear away, Kit returns back to her stern face to the detective and smack hard on the back of Bette’s head.

      “Aw! What the fuck, Kit?”

      “What are you doing, baby sis, look at her, she’s become even thinner than the last time I saw her! Her face is so pale! Did you ever treat Tina with a proper meal or did you just satisfied her in bed like other women in the old times?”

      “Wait…” Bette nervously looks at Tina who’s now raising her eyebrows; she opens her mouth, stunned. “Wha…?”

      So funny, i love Kit and how she hugged and greeted Tina!

      Tina need and deserve to have a family who love and care about her.

      You use all the characters from the original show, Kate Arden as Tina’s boss who has a crush on her, and Kit’s former boyfriend as FBI agent. You had me worried for a moment.

      The man in black who left Tina the message, she felt a danger, but he only left her the message that Faye Buckley joined the game. Who is he and how does the person who wrote the message the way Tina and Carmen communicated in the past?

      I am worried about the side effect that the drugs left Tina, she needs her brain and quick thinking but if she shared her master game with Bette i have to trust that together they will win this game.

      The game is on!!!

      Thank you so much for the shout out and this incredible journey you take us on!!!

    2. I hope Alice not recognizing Tina, when they meet, because if she do – it will be a problem.

      Ok, so Backey and Aaron only one who’s left – interesting will be read how Tibette handling with them

    3. Hi CJ:

      Happy birthday again, my friend. 🎂🎂🎂🎈🎈🎈🎁🎁🎁

      The picture you put here is not only a gift to yourself but for many of us; happy times that perhaps won’t come back. 😥😥😔😔

      Excellent chapter, Tina and Bette are a wonderful couple again. I like very much how protective is Bette for her girlfriend and lover.

      Tina is in a hard place, her boss Kate is interested in her and of course, she is not, but who knows how Kate could react.

      Buckley and Aaron, that is a dangerous alliance against Tina, and Bette; because Buckley may have more than one reason to hurt Bette and even being a stupid, Aaron will want to do anything in his power to smash Tina and his former undercovered spy in the Cooper empire. I’m wondering if James is doing something to help Tina.

      Nice story, CJ, it is getting exciting.

      Thanks for this wonderful chapter again.


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