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    The Most Distant Course

    Taking a few minutes rest, Tina opens her eyes. Needless to say, that she will not resign herself until death, she will fight till her last breath like old times.

    Faye Buckley might hold the FBI, but her? She was Justine Cooper, once the leader of the biggest criminal organization, even now that she’s out of the underworld, Tina still holds a significant influence in the criminal’s society. 

    It was for sure, Bette knows nothing about this, and she didn’t plan to let her know. After all…who will be willing to be with a criminal? 

    She asked her old colleague in the Cooper organization for help, it was the quickest and fastest way summing up a rescue team, though the whole plan was illegal, they are worthy to be trusted, and more reliable than any group, Tina knew. They knew Shane, and hate the authorities, Tina can be sure that they truly want to save her friend. 

    Things happened too fast, even for a mad genius like Tina, there was no extra time to come up with a better solution. As soon as Shane was taken into the States, it was almost impossible to get her out.

    December’s wind is stranded outside the house, somehow the blonde feels this winter is colder than before.

    She looks at her phone, no need to wait for the ring tone, as soon as the screen lights up, she picks up the phone. 


    “I’m sorry, we missed.” A man’s voice coming out of the speaker.

    Tina closes her eyes. In front of her, the huge screen of Bette’s TV is broadcasting the news about the huge gunfight at the border, journalist from different news channels are all gathered there, while the camera walks around, Tina can see that there’s blood everywhere. 


    A sudden pain strikes her head making the blonde winced, she holds back, trying to remain as calm as possible, she is too tired.

    “I know, I saw it.” She says. “What happened?”

    “The FBI seemed to know we will be there, they were well-prepared and heavy-armed, they even brought a bazooka, our weapons were like child’s play to them…We were not even close to Shane’s car.”

    “Did anyone leak out the information about our attack?”


    1. I am quite concerned for Tina’s health. I am not familiar with recovering drug addicts, so I do not know if this is normal or just unique to whatever drug she was addicted to. If she keeps this condition into the future, I can see the attraction of returning to usage with her periodic pain and discomfort. I am assuming that she has not indulged for about 2 years. But maybe this is normal.

      I’m disappointed in Bette. Bette has broken several laws while she was in the mansion. She watch people die without doing anything to prevent it. She could face severe criminal penalties for aiding and abetting a criminal namely Tina. to avoid justice. It seems the lessons from their childhood did not take a deeply as I thought at least not in Bette.

      • Dear Martha3128:

        It depends on the health, I’ve friend who used to have drug addiction he was very well recovered, with regular excerise, his health is strong. But his friend was no so lucky, got sick all the time. So it really depends.

        I believe Bette’s reaction was quite normal, what she’s doing is what people will act the frist time when we know our friends or family being taken to the prison or got caught. Tina however, she’s too smart to know the true not to be sensitive, which make her seems heartless. For me, Bette’s reaction is much more human.

        Thank you for your comment, wish to see you next week.


      • Dear Escorpion2494:

        Hi, I’m sorry I have to use Google translate to read Spanish, so I’ll type in English.

        Thank you for supporting this story, it’s glad to see people from different places , the upcoming part will post this week, hope to see you next week.


    2. Hi CJ:

      What a chapter, that was strong, but I liked it.

      Bette is indeed a ‘fucking suborn idiot’; how couldn’t she think to go and face Buckley and that evil man of Aaron. Tina is saving her life by opposing her. Bette shouldn’t forget that her reputation is at stake if she goes after the senator and the FBI director right now, she will lose; I believe they have a big file about Bette’s deeds inside the Cooper’s and they may destroy her as soon as they get Tina, who is their main target.

      I’m concerned by Tina’s health, she is very weak, that’s what happens to people like her who had a very poor childhood and drug-addiction; even if that addiction, like in her case, was induced by others.

      Very bad things happened in Cooper’s mansion, and I don’t doubt that it happens in other mafias, and even some of the participants are at the same time victims and executors, the Damocles sword is pending on their heads.

      I’m very worried about Shane, but I’m even more worried about Tina, she may offer herself in exchange for her friend, please don’t think about that in this story, CJ,

      What they have to do is to calm down and analyze the situation and make a plan. Tina was a victim in the mansion and she did many bad things involving the death of the drug lord, but apparently, Tom was already destinated to die at hands of the Chinese mafia. So Tina should stop any guilty feeling, she is a warrior and has a goal.

      Well at least Bette is staying with her friends and Tina, and they should move Carmen and her child to a safer place; Bette’s house is no longer safe and protected; perhaps she’s been watched; I think Tina should also go to another place.

      Wow, now you caught all my attention, please post soon, we don’t want Bette and Tina jailed and those criminals (because Buckley and Aaron are real criminals) winning this war.

      Thanks, my friend for this chapter, and please post soon.


      • Dear proteonomics:

        Wow, that was a long comment, thanks for your time.

        You haave a really great obsevation, some of your guessing were actually accurate for the next chapter. But I can’t say much, the prison breaking scene is not interesting as long as it’s known.

        Thank you for your supporting for every chapter, my friend, it was so good to see your comment everytime, encourage me to keep going even there’s people think it’s hatd to read and unwilling to continue. But there’s a major part of it happened around my life and my friend, I want to keep writing the story.

        Thank you,proteonomics , wish to see your next chapter soon.


    3. This as been the most challenging brain twister I ever read. When the plot switched to Tina/Justine and Bette/Informant I have been at a total loss to understand Bette’s lack of trust and disrespect toward Tina\Justine!!

      Call me slow, it’s OK I won’t take it personally. Honest.

      Perhaps my inability to understand & appreciate Bette may lye in the clue Chrystal gives in this chpt that “guilt” in not protecting Tina from the bitches in high school nor making an honest to go to Tinas’ Aunts home to see if Tina had sought refuge there.

      For me, Bette is a clueless, narcissistic bi*^ch

      • Dear Dumplin T:

        In fact there was no hidden clue in this chaother, and the characters were only Bette and Tina, I mentioned Justine Cooper just to want Bette to realize her girlfriend was once a criminal.

        As for your reaction of Bette, I believe she’s acting really normal. There’s a saying goes in Chinese: When you care too much you’ve already lost. Bette saw what happened to Shane with her own eyes and wanted to save her, so that she has such reaction. I do agree with you she’s a stupid head, but she did still carrying guilt and want to help her friend.

        Thank you for the reply and I hope to see you next week.


    4. Wow, powerful chapter!!!

      Bette, such a clever woman who in the Heat of things can still act so stubborn. I do understand her reaction, she still carries a lot of guilt from years ago and want to do this right thing. But what she said to Tina, my god she must think first before she talks or handle.

      Tina her health is concerning me, the years of drug intake takes it tol.

      The Friends now know the truth. Let they all calm down and plan a strategy to rescue Shane and bring down the evil people.

      I trust you CJ that at the end they will succeed to win this fight.

      • Dear Bibi28:

        You have my promises that I will give the reader a happy ending, but as you can see, this is the biggest obstacles they need to face. And it will continue for a few weeks.

        What you said about Bette is right, she has the normal reaction like normal people, but she really need to think carefully before she speak when she’s angry.

        I’m so glad to see your reply, I hope you have a great time and thanks for your comment.


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