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    The Most Distant Course

    Bette sighs, she doesn’t have the mood.

    “Kit, Kit…please, calm down, I can’t deal with it now,” The detective rubs her temple. “Can you get me Tina? I really need to talk to her now, it’s urgent.”

    “What? What’s happening to Tina?”

    “Kit, calm down, will you? Please.” Bette shakes her head. “It’s that…the FBI wants to ask her some questions about Shane’s case since it will take some time for them to get to her place, tell Tina to stay at Dana’s house, don’t go anywhere.”

    “What do you mean the FBI is going after her? What’s going on Bette?”

    Bette takes a deep breath. 

    “Faye Buckley has suspicious about her, so she let Aaron take her back to the FBI for the investigation.” 

    Well, that is the most subtle way she could have thought of.

    “Tell Tina to stay at Dana’s place, do not go out until I go home.”

    Then she hears a long pause. An uncomfortable and weird pause.


    “The thing is that…” 

    Kit starts to sob quietly, Bette’s hand starts to shake. A very, very bad feeling about this.

    This is not fucking good at all.

    “Tina…She just left Dana’s house a few hours ago, I tried to call you but you didn’t reply, it looks like she…she has already known what is going to happen.” 


    California, LA. Tina’s place.

    Taking the pills Dr. Wilson gave, Tina slowly stands up, putting on her warm big coat and scarf, she looks like a goddess. 

    Then she notices the ring, she knew the trip doesn’t allow her to take anything, especially this. Tina will never allow anyone, especially Faye Buckley to touch such precious and sacred object that only belongs to Bette and her.  

    Observing and caressing the diamond ring for a long while. 

    I love you, Bette, I love you so much…

    Tina kisses the ring, and she slowly takes her engagement ring out from her finger… 

    Outside her house, ten…maybe twenty heavy-armed FBI agents are waiting for her, they are all holding big guns, wearing the bulletproof vest, as well as waiting for a dangerous criminal.

    A senior agent walks to the front, and knock on the door.

    “Tina Kennard? This is the FBI, put down your weapon and open the door!”

    All the agents wait nervously, their guns are pointing at the house, afraid that anyone or anything might rush out.

    But the door slowly opens, everyone in the FBI is all surprised to see what’s happening next…


    No fight, no struggle, no dirty words…only an elegant blonde slowly walks out of the house, with a smile appeals on her breathtaking face as if she’s already waiting for them.





    Teaser for next chapter:

    “I’ve met many stubborn people before, Ms. Kennard, even more stubborn like you, would you like to hear about the stories?”

    “The Senator’s stories, of course, I would like to hear about it.”

    “I remembered when I was working in the FBI department as a small agent years ago, I’ve found out that he’s involved in corruption and misused funds case, the defendant was an experienced man who came out from the military, very strong and stubborn, he was here for only two days, before he confesses everything.”

    “He confesses?” Tina sounds confused. “How come I heard he had gone mad?”

    “He was mad after he confessed,” Faye Buckley says proudly. “Before he confessed I would not let him go mad, I know how far to go when I stop…What are you thinking right now? Hmm? Ms. Kennard? Will you be good and confess, or do you want to be like that man? Stay a few more days and then confess?”

    Tina pauses for a short moment, then she shrugs.

    “Well…” She says. “I’ll just confess then.”



    1. I hope Tina has a good plan. Even with the meds, she will not be able to withstand the interrogation that Shane received. And if she does survive, its another period of separation for Bette and Tina. There has to be a way to put these characters away and allow Bette and Tina to live their lives free from being apprehended by the law.

      Great story….love it..

    2. Hi CJ,

      How can you leave it here 😮.

      This story is so addictive, I can’t wait until the next chapter !!!.

      Bette was so cool and calm during the conversation, but made another (conscious) mistake when they started talking about Tina.

      Speaking of Tina, she is taking a conscious risk and I would really like to read her mind. She has thought about this very deeply and I assume that she knows exactly what she is doing.
      So far, things have been going well as she had thought, but this situation in the hands of Aaron and Faye is worrying.

      I trust your CJ that this will end well !!!!

      A very good chapter !!!

      • Bibi28:

        I’m not sure it was Bette’s mistake cause Faye Buckley was really evil and sly, even Bette didn’t get rid of them the Senator would still want Tina to be arrested, which I was pretty sure about that.

        As for Tina, she knew clearly what she want and what she need to do next. She might have prepare very well while knowing the circumtances of her health, She’s damn smart that could turned the bad condition even if they’re almost losing, I’m sure FAye Buckley cannot do anything about her.

        There are not so many chapters left, thank you for the comments. Hoping that I can see more reviews next week! You are such a great supporter!


    3. Hi CJ:

      Excellent chapter, now we know how Shane was rescued.

      Bette was very smart and brave to face the three evil persons alone, but she must be calm for the next part of the plan.

      I think Governor Phyllis is starting to doubt Buckley, Aaron, and Phillips since they fail to prove Bette’s involvement in the rescue of Shane.

      I’m glad the gang and especially Kit are supporting Tina and taking care of Noah; perhaps the kid will miss her mom for a little while.

      Hard to let Tina goes to face her worse enemies, but she is calm, of course, she is sick.

      Let’s read in the next chapters the duel, the fight between Tina and Buckley. I hope you’ll make a very good deal of that, here.

      If Bette doesn’t get calm, she could expose Tina; can someone of her gang put her in a temporary hibernation?

      Thanks, great story CJ. please post soon.


      • proteonomics:

        Sorry to hear that you are very busy, I hope I can read your next chapter very soon.

        There’re going to different situation between the further chapters, anything will happen and I believe some of the readers will think it’s almost impossible to take down Faye Buckley due to Tina’s heath and her condition. Thanks god that Bette finally show she’s also smart enough to deal with these three,

        The next chapter will be even more complicated and even more intense, Maybe Tina will be arrest, but who knows? No one can really know what she’s thinking about.

        Thank you for your comment, my friend.


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