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    The Most Distant Course

    Chapter 5 The unexpected meeting

    A few days later.

    “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

    Bette looks disbelieve at her dashboard, the power of her expensive car is now shutting down, no matter how many times she turns the car key, the few noises it makes sound like protesting. Great choice of timing, her car remain silence after how hard she’s been trying.

    “I’m going to die.”

    She looks at her surrounding, frustration in her mind is growing bigger and bigger. Except for a small abundant gas station and a few creepy houses, there are no signs of life around, thanks to Kelly, choosing a bar far away from town, now Bette has no idea where she is.

    “Great, just great.”

    Bette is so frustrated, her both hands scratching her hair. The sun is setting down, after a few hours it will be totally dark here, she assumes that there will be some light…are there?

    “Calm down, calm down, Bette Porter, you have a 120 IQ, just think…”

    She quickly searches her bag, finally finds her cellphone, like successfully make a fire on an isolated island, this is the very first time she cries for happiness for this high-techie-techie. This is her first time stuck in such a ridiculous place, she wants to call the car repaired center but she doesn’t know the number, she decides to call her friend. Alice went to New York for some celebrity party, Adele won’t pick up her phone unless she’s the caller, the only one left is Kelly. Bette immediately dials Kelly’s phone.

    “Come on, pick up, pick up, pick up…”


    A voice pops up, the loud noise makes Bette’s ear wince in pain, but she can’t make any complaint now.

    “Kelly! Thank god, where are you now?”

    “I’m already at the party, it’s amazing, Bette, where are you?”

    “Listen, I need help, I’m stuck in nowhere, please come and get me…”

    “What? I can’t hear you! It’s too loud here! Come quick! This is so much fun!”

    With a loud beep, Kelly hangs up her phone, Bette’s eyes wide open.

    “Wait, no, Kelly! Kelly? Mother fucker…”

    She dials, again and again, Kelly never answers, directly go to the voice mail.

    “Fuck, what do I do now…”

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    1. Ok, i’m ready to comment

      I still don’t like this Bette and think Tina too good for her. Because when Tina saw the one, who harrased her a few month more natural reacton can be – just leave or stop and maybe beat this reach snob until she beg for mercy.

      So i think Bette need done a lot more groveling until Tina can forgive her

      Waiting for the next update!

      • Hi Zhenya:

        I understand your feeling, the reason that Tina will act so kindly will be explained in the next chapter, Tina will give out a full explanation so don’t worry.

        I agree with you, but sometimes forgiveness is bigger than anything, this is what I have seen in The L word. This amazing couple fight so hard for other, if it were not for the forgiveness, they won’t able to be together.

        Thank you for your comment!

    2. Tina coming to the rescue of Bette!!! I admire Tina, she is one incredible young woman!!!

      It is great to see Bette as a vulnerable young girl and she should’nt deserve Tina’s kindness, but she is a victim too. School can be a real hard time and you lose sometimes a little bit of your true personality, just to be part of the popular gang instead to be a loser, especialy when you are blackmailed like Bette by Adele. It is sad but it happens everywhere, in every highschool.

      But i really believe Bette is a kind and loving person deap in her heart. And Tina is the girl who will bring that to light.

      I loved the update, thank you!!!

      • Hi Bibi28:

        Exactly, Bette might be bad before but she was forced to be a bully. Thanks to Tina, she finally realized that someone needed to stand up against Adele, I know that although some student joined the bullies, they just wanted to protect themselves from being hurt, it’s not a nice idea but the most useful one.

        I reckon that they both bring light to each other. Tina helped Bette find herself, and Bette helped Tina…well that’s on the next chapter XD

        Thank you for your comment, and thank you for liking this story.

    3. Hi CJ:

      This is a very nice chapter now it’s Bette who is feeling bad for all her wrongdoing, as she said, it is like karma.
      Tina is very nice and caring for her, of course, she has a crush on Bette.
      How docilely Bette allowed herself to, almost, be caressed by Tina; Bette has a long way to go, to redeem herself about all her past actions in the golden circle, her growing up, is triggered by her infatuation for Tina.
      I like this story very much. Thank you, I’ll be waiting for your update.


      • Hi proteonomics:

        Me either, I like the changing Bette. Maybe it was the “Aura” Tina gave to Bette made her willing to believe her. IN our life there are always some people we don’t really know them but we trust them instantly, not wholeheartedly but at least we believe what they say. This was how Bette feel about Tina, she acted herself in front of anyone. Hope you know what I am talking about. XD

        Thank you for your comment and for liking this story!

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