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    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 1

    Dear Readers,

    This is a brief summary of the background going into the new, fourth installment of “The Roommates”.

    Book 1: The Roommates
    Bette & Tina are first-year students who find themselves rooming together in their first year at UCLA (University of California Los Angeles). Though Tina starts the year as the girlfriend of her high-school sweetheart, Eric Anderson and Bette starts the year dating a delectable co-ed named Sidney, Bette and Tina end up exclusively in each other’s arms by the end of the first quarter.

    Book 2: The Roommates – 2nd Dimension
    The sequel to the first story chronicles the remainder of Bette & Tina’s freshman year. They journey together through understanding the power and unique connection of their special bond. Together they face the loss of Bette’s grandmother and the reunification of Bette & her mother. Tina struggles to deal with her sexual identity and its impact on her life, while Bette finds herself coming out to her father and dealing with the ramifications of her revelation. As the year comes to a close, Bette heads to New York to spend the summer with her mother and Tina prepares for a week in San Francisco for a week before heading to LA to room with Dana & Alice while pursuing a summer internship with Alphaville.

    Book 3: The Roommates – Pride & Prejudice
    In the third installment of “The Roommates”, Tina begins an internship at Alphaville Studios in LA while rooming with Alice and Dana. Bette has moved to NYC for the summer to intern at The Met and rebuild her relationship with her mother. As the lovers are separated by time and distance, readers are provided with some insight into how Bette Porter becomes the sophisticated and evolved phenom that we know and love. As the story comes to a close, Baby Bette & Tiny Tina are reunited and tragedy strikes.


    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 1

    When Bette emerged from an oppressive darkness her dark eyes opened, and she found herself standing on smooth pavement. The cripplingly loud hum, the abdominal pain, and her splitting headache were gone. She breathed a deep sigh of relief, the sounds of life echoing around her. There was a din of ever-present traffic, distant car horns, faint announcements from the PA system, footsteps and chatter. And whistles. A particularly loud whistle in fact. A short woman in a bright vest and black-billed hat was blowing that whistle right at her, her eyes crinkled, her mouth set in a deep frown.

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    1. I must say i absolutely not expected this turn of event. And for now i don’t know how i feeling about it. Very unexpected.

      I really loved the story about young students Bette and Tina in 2005 and how they were in love to each other. And what happen to that Tina? Her Bette just died on her hands in that universe or what? What happen to them – i like, no i need to know.

    2. I’m think i’m up and would continue to follow this story, but i would be very grateful if you’ll explain in this storyline destiny of those Tibette in 2005 after that Bette’s collapse

    3. This was a complete surprise!! I wonder if The L Word – Generation Q will use something like this for its story line? We are now in an alternative universe where Tina Kennard just doesn’t exist or if she does, she out there among the 8 billion people who reside on the earth. Okay, so Bette has gone from age 18 or 19 to age 33 or 34 in this story? Or perhaps she’s older than that? In this new universe there is Alice and there is Dana, but Dana left “us”. Why does Bette have a portrait of Dana in her home? She must be someone very important in Bette’s alternative life to be the only photo or portrait in the house except for the picture of Melvin, Kit and David?

      I’m with Zhenya. There must be some explanation as to what happened to 2005 universe for Bette and Tina.

    4. I’m intrigued! Keep ’em coming, I can’t wait to read more. But I do hope that Bette will be able to find Tina. Or Tina will find Bette as she experienced the same ride through a vortex…or whatever it is :-)

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