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    The Roommates – Pride & Prejudice: Chapter 9

    The Roommates – Pride & Prejudice: Chapter 9

    “You’ve turned me into a bumbling idiot, Bette,” Tina remarked as she studied her closet that evening, looking for something to wear the next day.

    The loving voice that always soothed her aches slipped up from the phone at her ear and replied, “I’m sorry, Baby. I didn’t mean to. What did I do?”

    “I don’t know….I couldn’t even seem to think straight. I just kept thinking about you. What are doing to me, Bette?”

    “Loving you.”

    “Yeah, yeah. Did you cast a spell on me or something?”

    Bette chuckled. “No. I’m not into witchcraft. Maybe I’ll take that up next.”

    “No. Please no. I’m already bad off as it is.”

    “I love you, T.”

    “I love you, too.”

    “What are Alice and Dana up to?” asked Bette.

    “I don’t know. I don’t think Dana’s back from practice yet. Alice was vegging out online earlier. We’re supposed to go to dinner in a little while.”

    “I miss them.”

    “I know you do. I can tell. Did you have a good time today with Damon?”

    “I had a blast. He’s really fun to hang out with. And his sister is, too.”

    “His sister? The lesbian sister?”

    “Yes, T. The lesbian sister.”

    Tina stopped what she was doing and stood still. “She pretty?”

    Bette chuckled. “You jealous?”

    “Should I be?”

    “Should a pig worry about gaining weight? No, T. You never have a reason to be jealous.”

    “You didn’t answer my question.”

    “Baby, she’s pretty. But you’re beautiful. She’s also got a lot of baggage and she would be too old for me. Besides, she’s like a real adult in the real world with a real job and real headaches. She’s also not my type. Okay?”

    “What’s your type?”

    “Five foot, Six inch, blondes named Tina Kennard.”

    Tina smiled broadly. “Ahh…so I see I am your type.”


    The Roommates – Pride & Prejudice: Chapter 9

    A “three days until I see Tina” smile spread across Bette’s cheeks as her high heels clicked across the polished tile of the museum floor. It was the middle of a grueling day but nothing could trouble her. Knowing how close she was to the woman that owned her heart seemed to insulate her from the rest of the world and as she rounded a corner, her happy dark eyes settled on a figure that struck her as vaguely familiar but profoundly distant.

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    1. I have read all the chapters from start to finish. I know this was eleven years in the making. It was a very good story line however, your ending was rather abrupt and incomplete. Is Bette dying here? Or will she make a recovery and go on with her life with Tina? Although it appears to be serious it could be easily treated and just a bump in the weekend for Bette and Tina.

      I appreciate your putting this chapter out. I very much would like to see the story continue to a more natural ending such as to wedding of Bette and Tina or to a break-up which they believe is where they want to be or where ever you believe the story will go. But to leave your reader at the entry of the hospital with Bette in a crisis mode and with Tina standing there seeing her lover in pain and agony? The end?

      Your writing is very good. I hope you will do more and more often. Thank you for your efforts.

      • Martha, it’s the third part of Roommates. Like i understand it’s the end only of this part, but author wrote about that this story will continue in next part – “The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019”

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