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    The Roommates – Pride & Prejudice: Chapter 8

    Her lover’s words warmed Tina’s heart and made her smile. “Did I tell you that I love you?”

    “Maybe. Once or twice.”

    “I love you,” Tina replied.

    “I know.”


    The Roommates – Pride & Prejudice: Chapter 8

    “I love you,” she’d said.

    Three little words bearing an incalculable measure of contentment. Those three little words rolled around and around in Bette’s mind as she drifted off to sleep in Tina’s metaphysical embrace. Those words were spoken by her golden haired lover as the two met in Bette’s sweet slumber and those three little words sounded in her memory as she awoke the following morning.

    It wasn’t just the three words that had captivated her. It was also the owner of the voice that had spoken them. Reading those words in email or in a text message was one thing. But to have those three little words coated in the vocal essence of the woman that owned her heart was another matter all together.

    After waking and feeling more rested than she had in some time, Bette showered and changed. As she enjoyed an energizing brunch with her mother and David in Clancy’s Bistro, her dark eyes twinkled and nearly every subject they discussed could somehow be traced back to Tina Kennard. As she spoke, David recognized the glow. He remembered the conversation he and Janice had concerning his stepdaughter’s sexuality and though he’d initially had reservations about how he would be able to relate to a “Lesbian Bette”, those concerns quickly faded away as the three enjoyed their meal.

    Following brunch, the trio made their way to The Met at which time Janice bid her family farewell, vowing to meet up with Bette later on.

    Clothed in linen tan capris, a short-sleeved tee, and casual sandals, Bette would have been considered underdressed for work. But she wasn’t working that day. She was purely there for her own personal enjoyment and led the way up the stairs and inside her place of work. Conversation flowed easily between David and Bette as they made their way around the museum.

    As they stood before Gustave Corbet’s “Sleep”, the captivating portrait of two nude women, one brunette and one blonde, wrapped in each other’s arms on a bed of white linens, Bette couldn’t help but get misty-eyed, her thoughts still on Tina’s “I Love You”.

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    1. These girls are just so into each other they’re having trouble staying focused. I agree with bombasticbully. There is drama up ahead!! I love your long posts. Thanks for sharing your talent with us once again. PPS

    2. You know that summer is over with and schools are back in session? Bette and Tina are trying so hard to survive with this long distance between them. Please help them to continue to want to stay together.

    3. Awww MTS, you just made our day brighter! B’s reunion with Damon was very charming. They have been through a lot and they are sincerely bonded as close friends. Hmmm As for B meeting Debbie in the flesh, it was quite an experience for her, as they both share the same uncomprehension from some members of their families. Janice is being more perceptive of her daughter and we could appreciate her concern about B missing his father. B&T’s conversation was so sweet and honest, as usual. We smiled when Tina’s green monster of jealousy was so evident, while learning about Debbie. But above all, you can breathe and feel the magic of their love. You are taking us into a wonderful ride. Thanks for this marvellous update, MTS. We truly enjoyed it! PPS Lucero & Marsha (JC’s Salsa Aunties)

    4. MTS, what happen? were are you? its been 2 whole years. i just found this story and was really in to it, and i thought that it being written a few years ago that it would be finished. NOTthe girls arn’t wispering to you any longer? Please, finish the story. its one of the best i’ve ever read. one of your silent readers. sarm

    5. Hello MTS, Great to have another wonderful piece of this puzzle from Your. I just adore the reality of Bette and Tina’s love for each other here. These girls so belong, willingly, to each other. There is not a question of that. And it is something that everyone around them can realize. David saw it, Debbie saw and even Gina saw it. They are so affected by each other that even 3000 miles can not quench their love and attraction. The night time calls are so sweet and precious. Can’t wait to reac more of this terrific tale. Many thanks from Your Loyal Fan.

    6. Just reread the entire series and its still as good as the first time i read it. I see its been several years since your last post, but i hope you still find your way back to us one day and finish this great little tale. Until then, i guess we will have to use our imagination! Thanks, MTS!

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