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    The Secret Santa–Chapter 2


    After taking my mugshot for my driver’s license and waiting on them to finally spit the damn thing out, I head back out to the limo and it’s off to the airport . I call Kit and tell her I was headed to the eternal flames of hell for my sins and her only response was and I quote ”Go and burn thyself Baby Sis”. I hang up shaking my head. ”Glad she cares” I mumble as I fidget and look to see a mini bar and my eyes light up.”Ooohhhh” I happily cheer as I eagerly jump off the seat onto my knees and open up the bar to find nothing but water and diet drinks. ”Fuck” I mumble and I see a note with my name on it. I roll my eyes and grab it off the top shelf to read it.

    Expecting booze were you? Not for you missy! —Your Secret Santa

    In response to my Secret Santa, I gave a nonverbal good ole fashioned middle finger salute for my thoughts on the matter and crumbled up the note tossing it in the trash receptacle in the limo. I close the door back to the bar and take my seat again frustrated as hell and needing just a little bit of spirits to wet my whistle.

    The limo finally pulls up to the terminal and the driver opens my door assisting me out. I look around and sigh. I hate flying. Dealing with the crowds and the snot infested children wiping their grubby hands all over everything so when you go behind them you can pick up whatever germ they left. I’m glad I remembered my sanitary wipes as I am an absolute germ freak. I can’t see them but they aren’t safe around me.

    As I watch the limo drive away, I turn and head to the ticket counter and hand them my new drivers license. I wait while the ticket agent furiously types on her keyboard. I mean how in the hell can they type so damn fast. It’s like she dipped her fingers into some turbo booster or something. She finally stops and looks at me.

    ”So? Ms. Porter we have a one way flight to Colorado Springs, Colorado departing at 1pm. How many bags will you be checking in?” She says and I gasp.

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    1. A fantastic story. I wish i could see that picture from Bette with that scowl on her face.

      So Mama B, Tina has a lot to explain. Great move to let them ride together to the cabin. Bette has to hold in her anger with Angie sitting next to her.

      Loved the update!

    2. Thank you for posting this story, I’ve never seen this before and don’t know how I missed it but I am so happy you have posted it again. Such a sucker for a B&T happy story. It’s probably going to take a couple chapters for the happy to show itself between them but Angie will make it happen. Obviously Tina has been telling Angie about Bette all this time and showing pictures of her. This is gonna be good. Can hardly wait for the next post. Thanks again for sharing.

    3. I agree with Dainty….. can’t wait for the happy times ahead. Especially re-igniting that spark to a blazing inferno between Bette and Tina! I have always loved Tibette, especially Tina! Really appreciate these authors keeping
      these characters “alive” for us L Word addicts! Thanks!

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