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    The Secret Santa—Final Chapter


    As I sit here with Tina on the sofa watching Angie open all zillion of her presents under the tree, I can’t help but wonder how in the hell someone got in here and how come we didn’t hear anything. Surely they would have stepped on the tacks on the floor and depending on the thickness of the bottom of their shoes they would have had a little flesh penetrated. But I’m done wondering about that because just to see the happiness on Angie’s face is worth enduring all the shit that Secret Santa loon had me doing.

    ”Bette? Did you do this?” Tina asked me in such a loving tone it almost made me cry.

    ”No Tee. I didn’t. I was thinking maybe you did. But it really doesn’t matter because seeing Angie so happy right now and watching her face light up when she’s opening up her gifts is priceless”

    Tina grabs my hand and pulls me into her. I sigh as I rest my head into her chest. It feels so good to be in her arms.

    ”Bette? I want to talk to you about something.” Tina says and I grimace at what she is about to say.

    ”Yeah” I reluctantly spit out.

    ”I am ready to go home” Tina says and I sigh. I guess being here with me is too much for her as she is not ready to commit to me and she is ready to go back to Vancouver. I remain calm as I begin to speak.

    ”Ok Tee. I understand. I’m not sure what your flight info is like but I’m sure you and Angie can get a flight out tomorrow or the next day to Vancouver. That moron Santa gave me a one way ticket so I’ll just have to get my flight booked back to L.A.” I say and sigh as Tina pushes me away from her for me to look her in the eyes.

    ”No Bette. You don’t understand. I want to go home to L.A…I want to be with you and the family for New Years Eve.” Tina says and of course I’m a blubbering idiot as I let the tears fall.

    She smiles and reaches over steadily wiping my tears away with her thumbs. I know we have alot to work on but just to hear her call L.A. home just melted my Scrooge heart and Bettenezer is now gone. Well until the next person pisses me off of course.

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    1. Thanks so much for finishing this story. Without giving away any spoilers I enjoyed how it all ended. I really laughed at the humorous notes SS had left for them at the appropriate moments. Bette could sure be a cynic, alcohol or not.. Thanks again and I look forward for more Bette and Tina stories as they are my fave couple of all time.

    2. So happy for this final chapter. Loved that they are back together and can continue the love they have for each other and by doing so giving Angie a family. Great story. What about an epilogue for this lovely story. I know, never satisfied. Thanks for posting.

    3. Thanks for the final chapter of the story!

      So, maybe epilog – because B&T have many things to resolve between them and look to the future will be interesting.

      And, of course, waiting for the Diary.

    4. Wow – better late than never my friend!

      Loved it but there has to be an Epilogue – so much more to explore.

      Glad to have you back writing, missed my favourite Pie, looking forward to more on The Diary.

      Thanks for posting


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