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    The Shipwreck

    A new island. That storm brought us on an undiscovered land, and I can’t express in words the utter surprise on my father’s face. A surprise that kept him company through the night, as I could see from the feeble light coming from his tent outside. I could hear him pacing back and forth, and the noise of paper. He was probably trying to make a detailed scale drawing of what he discovered. It was something that soothe me, it made the darkness outside less unbearable. We sailed to find new species of animals, we ended up finding a completely new land.

    “I have to cover every inch of this land, I have to put everything I find on this map!” he said the day after. Needless to say, I was willing to go with him. Finally able to see him at work in first person, living all the stories he told me when I was a little girl.

    “My dear daughter, this is something huge” he couldn’t contain his excitement.

    “I know, father. You will be a celebrity once we go back to England!”

    “We are going to be celebrities!” he said clapping his hands. Then a shadow of sadness covered his face. Something was bothering him. I asked him if there was something wrong.

    “She would be so proud” he was talking about my mother. I remember the two of them talking until dawn about all the things discovered, and imagining how many other things the world kept hidden from us. Their big dream was coming true.

    I couldn’t do anything but give him a hug. If I tried to speak I would have probably broken down and cried.

    “Ok, now” he looked at me in the eyes. “Let’s get ready for our adventure. This is our adventure and I want you to cherish every moment we spend together, right here, right now”

    “Of course, I will” I said with a huge smile. I wanted to tell him that I already cherished every moment I had with him, but I didn’t want to make him wait. “Let me grab some books, then let’s start our adventure”

    I went to my tent and picked up some of the books I bought for the trip. Before the journey I decided to stop by the local library to find every possible manual about Cambodia and all its history. I also took a dictionary to help me with the language, but something told me that the percentage to find human beings on an undiscovered land was hardly near the 1%. And speaking of books, my dear father really deserved to be mentioned in one of those.

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    1. Hi! Thank you for the chapter!

      Long or short chapters – i like them all, main point – they exist.

      And Henry – such a “man”, especially when he running away.

      Bette in animal skin – nice)

    2. Hi Bette0Porter:

      This is a wonderful chapter, I think the size is okay, and I see that, like me, you also like the cliffhangers.

      Very interesting, so apparently Bette is a native and probably religious person, you let me intrigued with the native word, but I guess we’ll find out in the next chapters.

      Great, all the bunch of losers (Eric, Aaron, Josh, Henry) is in the crew, that is going to be funny.

      I hope Bette is not alone on that island; anyway, we’ll find out soon.

      Thanks for this kind gift, two chapters in one week. Please post soon.


    3. Hi,
      I’ll accept any size Chapters just so long as they come regularly and are as good as these:-)

      Cliffhangers! Not a lover but will accept if the posts are regular :-)

      Think I’m going to like this Story :-) please post again soon.


    4. Long or short chapters, i don’t care as long you post regularly!

      You brought in all those useless man in the story, gonna be fun to read.

      Henry is such a loser, throwing Tina on her ass when he is scared, such a alpha man 😁

      Bette in animal clothes, that is what i want to see 😍

      I enjoy this story a lot and look forward to the next chapter!!!

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