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    The Shocking Reveal Part 2

    Silence filled the air. No one expected this to be the outcome. Bette was sure that Kit wasn’t going to recognize Angelica, or at least she hoped. She had just talked Tina into letting all of this go, and now Kit just revealed that Angelica was her daughter, this was never going to go away she thought. Bette took a seat as she felt herself about to faint.

    Tina: Your daughter?  Kit, what are you talking about?

    Tina looked at Kit in disbelief.

    Kit: She’s my daughter Tina. I’m sorry, I know how you feel about her.

    Kit looked at Bette. She knew there was a lot of explaining to do but by the look on Bette’s face, now was not the time.

    Kit: Bette, baby girl I’m so sorry I didn’t tell…

    Bette: Save it. Come on Tina, we’re leaving.

    Bette jumped out of her seat and grabbed a hold of Tina’s hand.

    Tina: What? Why?

    Bette: I’m not sticking around for this foolishness. That’s it! I’ve had it with this whole thing. First you, now Kit, I guess Angelica just belongs to everyone now. What the hell is going on? Has everyone lost their damn minds? This is crazy!

    Kit: Bette if you will just let me explain.

    Bette: Fuck you Kit. Fuck.You.

    Bette stormed out of the police station almost breaking the hinges off the door, she was livid.

    Tina: How can it be Kit? This doesn’t make any sense.

    Kit: It’s a long story Tina.

    Kit took a deep breath.

    Tina: Are you sure she’s your daughter?

    Kit: Yeah.

    Tina: Why didn’t you ever tell us about her? How could you do that to Bette?

    Kit: Tina, I wanted to tell you guys so badly.

    Tina: If you really wanted to, you would have Kit.

    Tina turned to walk out of the door, she paused and looked at Kit one last time before finally leaving the station.

    Kit: Lord help me.

    Kit sat down in Bette’s seat. As much as it hurt her to see Bette so angry, Kit could only think about Allen and Olivia at the moment. She had heard the whole story on the news before leaving and knew that they were deceased. Kit poured out her heart in tears, she was hysterical. The police officer who watched the whole confrontation between Bette and Kit unfold, came from around the desk and sat next to Kit. He pulled her into him as Kit laid her head on his shoulders, soaking his shirt in tears. She came down to Big Bear to help Bette but it was her life that has now taken a tragic turn. As much as her heart broke for the Allenwoods, she needed to pull herself together for her daughter, Angelica was all she had now. Kit waited at the station until the child protection agent arrived to pick up Angelica. She grilled the lady with hundreds of questions, wanting to know exactly where her daughter was about to go and with whom. After the agent explained everything to her and gave her all the information on the home that Angelica would be staying at, Kit felt a sense of relief knowing that Angie would be around other kids her age, in a nice comfortable home with loving foster parents. Kit kept telling herself that it would only be for a few days until all the test results came back, then Angelica would be home with her, in her bed where she could hold her at night, keeping her safe from harm and making sure she never experience anything else like this ever again. The deputy came to the front to meet with the agent with Angelica following behind him. Angelica noticed Kit and immediately ran to her.

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