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    The Silent Treatment


    They looked at each other and laughed. Bette held up three fingers and counted backwards. Tina nodded vigorously.




    “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” They both screamed.

    They held hands for a little while as they made their way back to the car. It was a nice day.

    When they got back home, Tina didn’t want it to end. She held up the Vivian Maier documentary. Bette nodded and went to their room to take a shower. Tina ordered a pizza and set out some wine. Then she took a shower. The pizza arrived before Tina was finished.

    “Thank you,” Bette said and tipped the driver.

    Tina smiled at the sound of Bette’s voice. She poured them some wine while Bette got the plates. Tina put her journal on the end table. Bette looked at it and wondered what was inside. She grabbed hers as well. They ate pizza and watched the documentary in silence. Tina scooted down into the couch. Bette picked up her legs and put them in her lap.

    Tina smiled. They drank their wine and relished in the closeness.

    Tina’s Journal Entry #8
    Today was a really good day. The only thing that would’ve made
    it better would’ve been to talk to Bette. Well…and to kiss her.
    Soon. Hopefully.

    Bette’s Journal Entry #9
    What the fuck am I doing? I want to be with Tina. I need to
    be with Tina. But she resents me. How do we move forward?


    Tina felt Bette as soon as she entered the kitchen. Tina smiled as she turned around with two cups of coffee.

    Good morning , Tina’s soul whispered.

    Bette put her hand to her heart. She looked at Tina.

    “ Can you hear me ?” Tina tried again.

    Bette smiled. Tina’s eyes twinkled.

    “ We’ll get us back soon, Baby, ” Tina’s soul said.

    Tina extended her left arm with Bette’s cup. Bette took a long sip. She smiled as the magic liquid traveled through her body. Tina knew exactly how Bette liked her coffee. Bette missed someone knowing her and by someone, she meant Tina.

    They looked into each other’s eyes.

    One heartbeat. Two heartbeats. Three heartbeats.

    “So, you resent me?”

    Shit , they both thought.

    Bette finally broke the silence. Tina exhaled and put her mug on the island.

    “That’s the first thing you have to say to me after not being able to talk for two and a half days? After the time we spent together yesterday?”

    Bette shrugged. She was kicking herself but she couldn’t take it back now.

    “We didn’t get a chance to discuss it before our therapist imposed silent treatment.”

    There was no emotion in her voice. But Tina could see the emotions in her eyes.

    Tina exhaled.

    “I did resent you.”

    “Did? You told Julia you still resent me. You don’t now?”

    Bette looked deep into Tina’s eyes. Hoping.

    “No, I don’t.”

    Tina sensed Bette was about to say something else. Tina placed her hand on Bette’s shoulder which sent shivers down Bette’s spine.

    “Can we discuss this after Family Sunday?”

    Bette looked over at Tina’s hand and back up into her eyes.


    Bette nodded.

    “Thank you. Oh. Liz is coming today. Remember?”

    Bette nodded.

    Tina squeezed Bette’s shoulder. Bette put her hand on top of Tina’s and squeezed.

    “Thank you for yesterday,” Bette said.

    “It was really nice,” Tina responded.

    They both exhaled.


    Tina’s Journal Entry #9
    She’s never going to forgive me. I don’t know where we go
    from here. I know she’s hurt. I know I hurt her but FUCK!

    Bette’s Journal Entry #10
    I am such a fucking asshole. That’s the first thing I say?
    What the fuck is wrong with me? 



    1. Of course, I loved the chapter but these two need to stop with the assuming and second guessing. I’m usually all over Alice for sticking her nose in where it doesn’t belong, but I am with her on this one. I know we can’t just snap our fingers and voila they are magically back together. They need to work at it and hard, through all the hurt feelings and anger. They need to get their stuff together and shit or get off the pot. Post soon my friend.

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