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    3rd Annual L-Games Tournament

    Shane and Carmen’s house.

    The couple is in bed knocked out sleep, they don’t have a worry in the world. These games were just a fun way for them to grope each other in public as they always attack each other first. They never really compete to win but just for fun and charity causes.

    Dana and Lara’s house.

    Lara: Babe who do you think is going to be more competitive today, Bette or Alice?

    Dana: Both.

    The couple were getting into the car to head to the planet. They were always the on time couple.

    Lara: Why do they do this every year?

    Dana: I don’t know Lara. Their lunatics I guess. Next year it should just be a one on one tournament with just the two of them.

    Lara burst into laughter.

    Lara. That’s so true. Last year Bette almost broke Alice’s neck remember.

    Dana: Oh my god, I forgot about that. Really, they need therapy.

    Lara: I second that.

    They couple drives off.

    The Planet. The group has now arrived and having their morning coffee before heading to the arena for the opening ceremony of The L-Games.

    Bette: Tina, seriously we need to stop participating in these games, we’re too ”elderly” for this.

    Bette said looking at Alice but she has no clue as to what Bette was referring to or why she was looking her way.

    Tina: You mean YOU are too old for this, I’m in my peak.

    Tina sips her coffee.

    Bette turns her attention to Tina.

    Bette: I’m only 5 years older than you Tina, remember that.

    Tina laughs as Bette scowls her.

    Alice: Yeah but that’s a long time from now…I mean 1 year,….2,….3…4, then..

    Bette now glares at Alice before getting up angrily from the table to throw away her coffee cup.

    Alice: Really Tee. What’s her problem?

    Tina: I have no idea.

    Tina says coyly.

    Alice: Seriously though, are you guys ok to compete this year after the car wreck?

    Tina: Yeah we’re fine. The doctors said the exams look good, so we’re ready to kick some ass.

    Helena: Or get your asses kick.

    Helena said as she pulls up a chair.

    Tina: Helena where’s Dylan?

    Helena: I told you guys, we’re done. My new partner will meet us at the arena.


    1. Hi tibettenation1,

      Welcome back!

      What a great surprise to wake up and see a post from you!

      I hope life treat you well and it is sad you lost your story but it is great to hear you have the inspiration to write funny stories again.

      I will try to read today.

    2. Oh my god,

      You have named Bette and Tina’s second daughter Portard, i feel sorry for her ????

      Let the games begin between parents and children!

      I love this story, it is funny and crazy and their banter is always hilarious.

      • Pikiangelica, i think you have took my crown for the most stories read on Lesfan since I been gone for 2 years now lol, so your opinion means a lot. You’ve read all my stories, and i appreciate you. Again thanks

    3. Holy Guacamolee!…shor is nice ta have u back a postin’ agin TN1!…it’s been awhile..Yessum it has…n what a hilarious post it is…had me ROTFL!…especially wit dem crazy kid’s names!…what a great beginning…so intriguing….let d games begin…oh n please do not take 2 years to post agin!…luvya TN1!…welcome back sweets!…\(+-+)/

    4. Thought I’d already read this and posted a comment but, apparently not. Absolutely hilarious.!!! “Portard,” can’t believe they dd that to her, I would want to beat them for that if for no other reason. Just pound them into the ground. Would someone, please, tape or sew alices’ mouth shut. Funnnnnnnnnnny!!! Thanks for posting, good to have you back.

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