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    til later

    Since Tina’s birthday Bette missed her even more; their telepathic connection having been intensified since that night in the gallery. It was one thing when Tina was in Toronto, but when she was in LA Bette could feel her, sense the wanting and return the ache with needing.

    Bette loved Tina. She loved being with Tina. It didn’t seem as if their last few encounters were just carnal energy. There was tenderness, and familiarity, and even love. She knew they were going to have to have a conversation soon because she didn’t understand what Tina was doing but she didn’t really care.

    Deep down she knew that Carrie didn’t satisfy Tina but she didn’t feel as if the question needed to be broached or even answered. Regardless of Tina’s intentions, for Bette at the moment, if Tina was willing then Bette was able.

    “That actually makes a lot of sense, Ang. Did you call her? I’m sure Alice and Shane will love it, too.”


    Tina walked into the study as she hung up the phone.

    “Angie asked if I’d meet them all for brunch so I’ll be back soon.”

    “Oh that sounds fun, I’ll come. Alice owes me lunch anyway after making me eat that vegan cardboard last week!” Carrie chuckled as she got up from her desk and ducked by Tina in the doorway.

    Tina waited, staring at her phone before asking, “Oh I thought you were working on your deposition today?”

    “Ah I can do it later. I rather hang out with my fiancé and her daughter. C’mon let’s go.” Carrie moved further down the hall.

    And her ex-wife slash current lover. Tina dropped her chin to her chest with a tiny pang of guilt, but was even more disgruntled that Carrie was infiltrating brunch. The Sunday brunch they had been having for the last twenty years. The Sunday brunch with her family.

    And there it was.

    Tina circled the ring on her finger before she adjusted her crossbody bag and the V-neck of her t-shirt. Suddenly everything felt tighter.


    Bette, Angie, and Shane were listening to Alice ramble about her disastrous Instagram Live, the teenager laughing at the boomer mishaps of her aunt, when Tina and Carrie arrived.

    Bette didn’t stand up to greet them as everyone else did to give them big hugs.

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