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    til later


    “Tina.” Bette nodded to her ex-wife before turning to the fiancé. “Hi Carrie, how are you?”

    “Ah you know, when I’m not putting away criminals, I’m dealing with this one. Right, blondie?” Carrie winked and nudged Tina’s elbow. “This patio has so many huge plants. Do you know that when I first drove by this place I thought it was a garden center? I mean look at this place.”

    Everyone laughed except Bette who just gave a fake smile to the woman that got to take Tina home.

    Are you really going to spend the rest of your life with her?

    As the couple took their seats next to Angie and across from Bette, Shane took in the palpable energy transferring before her. It was the familiar, uncomfortable sense of being caught in a magnetic force field.

    She leaned back to observe the exes before catching Angie’s playful eye. She looked so genuinely happy to have both her moms there and everyone getting along.

    Bette on the other hand watched the interactions between Carrie and Tina with a cringe detachment similar to one of watching a tv show couple with zero chemistry. But when Bette looked just at Tina all of the background noise, the endless chatter, even the shrieks from Alice faded away.

    Tina could feel Bette’s eyes on her even though she couldn’t see them behind those big sunglasses. A corner of her mouth smirked before seductively licking her lips and biting back the bottom one. She tucked her hair behind her ear trailing her finger down the side of her neck, pausing to grasp her shoulder as she tilted her head to the side putting her neck on full display.

    Incorrigibly satisfied when Bette licked her lips like a vampire stalking their prey, Tina put her menu down enough so Bette could see the flush spreading across her chest and over her cleavage. As soon as Bette wriggled in her seat and crossed her legs Tina moaned quietly.

    “Waffles look good babe?” Carrie’s voice caused a wave of silence around the table.

    It didn’t go unnoticed by Tina who responded that she was “actually in the mood for French Toast.”

    Bette caught Tina’s hazel eyes dart her way as the blonde dropped her napkin. She pushed away from the table allowing more room to fully bend over to pick it up, giving Bette a full view down her shirt to the nude bra that made it appear she was braless. Her breasts bounced in the yellow tee as she sat and pulled her chair back in.

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